Brands Sell More by Setting the Right Mood with Music

Music is truly the opiate of the masses – a universal transcendent force capable of driving us to action.
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The sound of music is captivating, enchanting, and stirring for many of us. It evokes feelings from deep within our very core. Music is truly the opiate of the masses – a universal transcendent force capable of driving us to action. In the advertising and marketing world, they speak of the sales funnel. This throughput process explains precisely how a customer is ushered through a marketing continuum via priming, nudging, and urging. The sales funnel begins by raising awareness, sparking the user’s interest, evaluating competing solutions, decision-making, and ultimately a purchase.

Of course, the goal is always a repurchase of the product or service to ensure repeat business. There are multiple tactics and strategies that can be employed by top-tier brands to raise awareness and drive customers through the sales funnel. One resource has overwhelmingly positive conversion potential: Music. It is against this backdrop that we will examine the efficacy of big brands, the right music, and revenue generation.

Top Brands Using Music to Great Effect

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Coca-Cola Company - the Coca-Cola Company is the #1 brand in the beverage industry. Here is a brand that is universally loved. The secret to Coca-Cola’s success is multifold. Sure, the sugary sweet taste of its premier product – Coca-Cola – is its biggest winner. But in an era where health and wellness are playing a part in determining public taste and preferences, there is something else that keeps the Coca-Cola Company ahead of the pack. The company’s dynamic approach to its target markets is its saving grace.

Coca-Cola Company executives and creative teams are not content to rest on their laurels. The Coca-Cola Company caters to customers of all tastes and preferences. Zero sugar, and Zero calorie Coca-Cola products are just as popular as the real McCoy. But what makes Coca-Cola so successful across its diverse product range? Some state it’s the secret formula, but others believe it’s Coca-Cola’s use of music in its advertising campaigns that hit the right notes with target markets around the world.

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PepsiCo – Some of us may not be able to differentiate between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, but there is a definite difference between these two brands. PepsiCo plays second fiddle to Coca-Cola in the US, but it has a huge market share around the world, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Over the years, Pepsi has blended music into its advertising campaigns to critical acclaim. The world’s biggest superstars including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Pink have lent their creative genius to the PepsiCo brand, and helped to build an empire of epic proportions.

Over 6 decades, PepsiCo fused modern music and youth culture to sell its products. One of the most successful musical campaigns of all time – the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show is watched by well over 100 million people every year. And it’s not Coca-Cola that’s running the show – it’s PepsiCo. Pepsi’s connections to pop culture in our cultural zeitgeist run deep, and this is evident in the universal popularity of the brand through its music campaigns, pop icons and glorious beats. Music sells PepsiCo products in a big way.

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D&G - Dressed for Success - Dolce and Gabbana routinely use music to make their customers spend more. Some folks may regard this as subliminal advertising campaign tricks, while others regard it in a more positive fashion – a value added shopping experience. Clothing stores, boutiques, and esteemed brand labels routinely use various measures including sensory stimuli such as music, scent and sights to excite us and make our shopping experience more pleasurable.

It comes as no surprise that these emotive techniques resonate with us and drive us to action. Clothing stores and boutiques, fashion outlets and booths will always want to enhance the shopper experience to the best of their ability. One way to attract passersby is music. It calls out to us before we’ve arrived at our destination. If we like the song, or the melody, we may be tempted to enter and shop around. This is known as atmospherics, and it is an established marketing and advertising resource that generates results in a big way.

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Forever 21 – a popular young person’s clothing store uses funky music to communicate with its clientele. It works. The songs that people listen to, the music that appeals to us, makes us feel at home in our favourite stores. People enjoy shopping for clothes while their songs are playing – they are more inclined to stay and listen to the song than leave – another enticement to use music for maximum benefit.

There’s a fine line that needs to be understood: music and noise are not the same thing. Music delights us, thrills us, and fulfills us. Noise – regardless of the music playing – is cacophonous, cantankerous, and shrill. It is repulsive. There is a wonderful body of literature on how best to strike the right notes with an in-store shopping experience. Many of the world’s top brands such as D&G, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, Polo and other premium-grade retailers have narrowed this down to a fine art.

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Casinos - Casinos along the Las Vegas strip use many time-tested techniques to keep players happy. One of them is sound. The captivating sounds of modern-day casinos include a range of jingling-jangling jackpots, sirens, spinning reels, festive beats, famous melodies, and more. The sounds of the casino are expressly designed to create the perfect ambiance, whether it’s suave and sophisticated, hip, hop and trendy, or classical VIP elegance.

The music is the icing on the cake that gets players excited about the slots, card games, table games and high roller attractions. In much the same fashion, online casinos use all sorts of background music, melodies and sounds to excite players. This is particularly true of live casino games where authentic dealers spin Roulette wheels or deal cards to players via live streaming webcam in real time. Listen closely to the soothing background music, and you’ll understand why it’s such an enticing prospect.

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Starbucks Music - It comes as no surprise that the world’s most addictive legal drug – caffeine sells itself. Nowhere is this more evident than the 6 AM through 10 AM rush for Starbucks every single day of the work week. Starbucks is the quintessential King of coffee, pastries and an all-round feel good experience. Once you enter a Starbucks location, close your eyes, and listen. They have their own branded music which is typically easy on the ear, somewhat distant, yet omnipresent. Starbucks music is designed to ease your tensions, and allow for an upmarket, chic and stylish dining experience.

Starbucks has ramped up its offerings for clients by way of its mobile app for Android and iOS devices. You can listen to Starbucks music in-store or wherever you go thanks to mobile technology. Here is an example of a brand that sells its products through the quality of its products and the experience it creates for patrons in-store. That same experience can be relived anywhere you take your tablet, phablet, or mobile device. The streaming service via Spotify enhances the digital music experience with Starbucks customers, and your favourite songs can be downloaded onto a playlist.

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