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Calling All Producers - Get The Amazing Little Plate Reverb Plug-in For FREE ($99 Value)

Soundtoys is offering Little Plate for FREE at through November 22, 2017
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Soundtoys, Inc., one of our favorite developers of professional audio effects plug-ins, has just dropped their new Little Plate plug-in, and are offering it free for a limited time. To create their first dedicated reverb plug-in, Soundtoys collected plate reverbs from around the world, including five immense original EMT 140s, which are still considered the finest example of the plate reverb sound. After months of repair, tuning, and careful listening they meticulously modeled the rich and spacious sound of their favorite plate from this collection. Then they added a distinct and creative twist – infinite decay time.

An original EMT 140

An original EMT 140

The enormous original wood-clad EMT 140 weighs in at about 600 pounds. It uses a magnetic transducer to vibrate a massive sheet of metal, sending the result back to the engineer via a pickup that captures the resulting reverberation. Plate reverb is still a very sought-after sound many decades after its debut, yet remains out of reach of the average studio due to its enormous size, hefty weight and scarcity of replacement parts.

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Little Plate faithfully recreates the 140 plate reverb vibe along with some distinctly modern additions like infinite decay time and a modulation switch. The original EMT 140, with its mechanical and possibly asbestos-clad damping plate, could vary its reverberation decay time from 1 to 5 seconds. Little Plate offers a broader range of decay times: as short as half a second for super tight ambience effects, to truly cavernous extended decay times up to infinity for unique and creative frozen reverb sounds. When modulation is switched on, chaotic variations are used to add life and movement to the reverberation effect.

Sound Toys Little Plate

Get Little Plate Here 

Product highlights include:

  • Classic EMT 140 emulation
  • Extended decay time and infinite reverb effects
  • Modulation switch for natural sounding variation in the reverb tail
  • Low Cut filter tames low frequency mud
  • Complete product description at

Soundtoys is offering Little Plate for FREE at through November 22, 2017. Once this offer ends, Little Plate will be sold individually for $99. Little Plate now comes with Soundtoys 5 and Soundtoys 5 Academic, and was automatically deposited into the iLok accounts of version 5 bundle owners. Little Plate requires a free account, but does NOT require an iLok USB dongle.

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