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Hanne Mjøen is one of the most promising female acts out there right now, and her unique brand of Scandi-pop has been turning heads all over the world. 

She now releases a fresh single titled "Future," which is out today. We chat to Hanne about the tune, and how creates new work. 

Thanks for joining us - how are you feeling about your new single? Exited for people to hear it? 

Thanks for having me! I’m both excited and terrified, haha! You never know what people are gonna think when you’re putting out new music, and “Future” is definitely a step in a new direction for me, so I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.

You’re originally from Norway, how is the music scene there right now? 

There’s a lot of good music coming out of Norway these days, especially from female artists, which is really cool. To see the success of Astrid S, Sigrid and Dagny has been very inspiring for me, in the process of developing my own career. They’re all great songwriters and artists inspiring me every day.

Do you feel like your sound and style is constantly developing? 

Yes, definitely. I never want to write the same song twice, so I’m always looking to find a new topic to write about, discover new sounds, and exciting melodies. It’s always an ongoing process, and the writing process is never the same for me. Sometimes I write with other songwriters and producers as well, which can be very inspiring, seeing as everyone has their own unique approach to songwriting.

What do you think makes "Future" stand out as a single? What did you enjoy about creating it?

“Future” came together very quickly. The producers of the song sent me a beat, and I connected with the vibe from the very beginning. The piano and vocal chops in the intro is actually what inspired the entire song, it had a certain emotion to it, which made it surprisingly easy for me to come up with lyrics and melodies. It felt as if the song was already there, before it was even written. The song is both sad and uplifting in a way, which makes it stand out for me. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster. I think those songs are the best, the ones that makes you feel everything all at once. 

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You’re about to join Astrid S on a world tour, what are you most looking forward to about it? 

Getting to join Astrid on her Norwegian tour dates is such an honor. We’ve already played four shows together, and her fans are the best. Even though most of them haven’t heard my music before, they’re all super supportive; dancing and screaming throughout my set. I’m always looking forward to playing in front of new people, showing them the music I’ve been working so hard on, and making some friends and fans along the way. 

How do you keep yourself sane on a long tour? 

 This is my first tour ever, so all the experiences are new to me. Traveling in a tour bus and playing for big crowds every night is intense and overwhelming, and I keep pinching my arm to see if I’m really awake, haha. I get so much adrenaline from playing the concerts, and I have to make sure that I calm down properly after every show by taking a walk and gather my thoughts. Playing shows is the best feeling in the world, though. 

Do you have any rituals or habits in the studio when making music?

I always drink a lot of coffee - the caffeine is crucial to my songwriting process. I also like to look at photos on the internet, to get some inspiration. Cheesy motivational quotes always help. 

2018 is on the horizon - what do you hope to achieve next year? 

My main goal for 2018 is to reach new people with my music, and of course write more songs, and play more shows. I’d love for my music to connect with someone out there on a deeper level - if I can help one person through a hard time, it’s all well worth it. I want to make music that makes people feel good, you know?

Check out Hanne's exclusive Spotify playlist for us below - and stream her new track "Future" here. 

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