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DJ & Label Owner Mihalis Safras Caught Up In Plagiarism Scandal: Admits To "Malpractice"

He is admitting to parts of the scandal and says we should feel bad for his family.
Mihalis Safras

Where there is money, there will always be some unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage of the situation for their own gain. Greek, DJ and label owner Mihalis Safras has been a respected member of the tech-house community putting out records on labels like Hot Creations, being named the best tech house DJ twice by Traxsource and also winning awards at the DJ Awards and IDMA Awards in 2016. However it seems as though those awards were won fraudulently. He has been accused to plagiarizing and stealing parts of people’s songs and using them in his own. In a statement, he came out and kind of apologized, but also admitted to stealing music on several songs and using them in his own.

The scandal started to unfold on October 30th, British producer Tennan posted a video that showed a loop of his unreleased song “Comerta” in an upcoming Mihalis Safras remix of Matt Tolfrey & Kaz’s “Big Things.” Now this may seem like somewhat murky, but Tennan says he sent it to the label, Material, as a demo on May 4, so it seems very fishy there.

Once Tennan showed that, he found a number of other songs with similar loops and put that in a video as well. 

Once that happened other artists started to speak up, including German Brigante, who spoke to change-underground, outlining how Safras had asked for the stems on his song, taken them and used them in another song, which was released on Sphera Records.

“I realized that was one of the tracks I sent him previously and he just changed the main hat,” he explains.

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“When I contact Siwell telling him that the track was mine, he didn’t know anything and he apologized via Skype. Mihalis sent him the track telling him it was his.”

Bulgarian producer Metodi also came forward to change-underground about his own experiences with Safras.

"I contacted Mihalis who told me he hadn’t of course. He tried to convince me that he made it on his own, but I know my own beats so I was confident. He told me he would remove the beats and did. But if they were really his, why would he even change them or not send proof?”

In a statement, Safras called the allegations, a “fully blown Social Media trolling campaign,” but then went on to admit wrong-doing.

“There have been 6 issues identified and in reality, there are three genuine accounts of malpractice and all of these have been put right whereby any loops and baselines used without authorization have been replaced alongside an offending track which was removed at the time when an issue was raised some months / years ago,” he says.

“There has not been a malicious approach or any financial gain in favor of Mihalis in relation to any of these three cases. Mihalis understands and accepts that there have been mistakes and misjudgments made after looking closely at what´s happened and he is now putting measures in place to avoid any further malpractice. Usually matters of this nature in the industry, and there are many of them, are dealt with privately with both parties cooperating to resolve any issues, in this case it has unfortunately not been dealt with in this way.”

He goes on to say that he shouldn’t be judged by what is being said online and everyone should feel sorry for his wife and children because of this.

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