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The DJ World Stands For Net Neutrality Because You Should Too

This is a fight you can't ignore if you care about a free and open internet.
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Internet Net Neutrality

Many of your Thanksgiving dinners may have gone off the rails the moment politics came up, but there is one thing that most logical people can agree on – net neutrality. Giving ISPs the power to control access to what we see on the internet and the speeds at which we do it seems like a bad idea. Period. It favors large corporations who can pay the ISPs to stay on an equal playing field for their customers, unlike small companies and websites (like us), who if their draw the ire of an ISP for some reason (a critical article for example), might be slowed down. It isn’t just those within the business and tech community (outside of the ISPs) who are freaking out about this. It is those within music who need access to the internet and rely on a free, equal and open internet ecosystem for their own careers.

DJs and other artists using their voice have come out against the planned repeal by FCC chairman Ajit Pai in a vote next month. If you haven’t been convinced this could potentially be awful, first see what happened when Comcast throttled Netflix back in 2014 and then be swayed by all these artists. This is really fucking important. And don't ask me to trust the ISPs. How much do you love your cable / internet company?

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