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Eminem, Beyonce 'Walk On Water' As Revival Album Hype Hits Fever Pitch

Eminem is back.

Eminem is whipping his fans into frenzy with clues and little hints about a new album, many believe to be titled Revival. Today is the biggest bit of news yet -- a collaboration with non other than Beyoncé titled "Walk On Water." Also is it a coincidence that a Beyoncé collab was dropped the same day as Taylor Swift’s album. Probably not.

The new single is a soft-piano driven track, centered around Em’s words as he reflects on the pressure that comes with his superstardom and his status as one of the best. "I'm not God sent, Nas, Rakim, 'Pac, Big, James Todd Smith, and I'm not Prince," he raps. Beyoncé provides he own angelic vocals for the hook.

The tune is out everywhere you get music now.

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Em’s fans have been finding clues for the new album as the rapper’s team has slowly been hinting at a new album. They teased the song on Wednesday with post showing a Revival medical pad. Then there is the website

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