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It might be a touch early for that bloke Jack Frost to be nipping at your nose, but how about Med School man Woody warming up your... ears? Yeah. Yeah, ears - that'll work. Hot off the back of his latest release, 'Fire Lit Sky' (check it out, it's dreamy) Etherwood has taken some time out to rustle up his top 10 roasters to get you through the start of the colder months. Magnetic's thawing heart thanks you sir.

Take it away Woody! 

“Sunrise” -Calibre & DRS [Signature]

Love this new one from such a formidable duo. This tune could melt icebergs. 

“Whisper To Me” - Pola & Bryson (feat Sammie Bella) [Liquicity]

These guys can do no wrong, rolling out some of the most soulful liquid you’ll find in d&b right now.

“Is Anybody Out There?” - BCee & S.P.Y [Spearhead Records]

Whatever the equivalent of warm chills are, this track delivers them in abundance. One of my all-time faves.

"Lost In U” - Logistics ft. McLean [Hospital Records]

This song has a vibe unparalleled in my opinion. The whole thing is a heartwarming masterpiece.

“A Thinner Edge”- D Kay & Intoxicated [Integral]

Another classic for me. I remember the first time I heard it I was in bed, in a freezing little room in Kings Cross, and this tune was like an extra blanket. Feel good D&B at it’s finest.

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“Fire Lit Sky” - Etherwood [Hospital Records]

Oh, how did this get in here?

Ed's Note: Probably the same way this did.... ahem ;)

"Sudden Change” -Mohican Sun [Integral Records]

This tune physically warms me up whenever I play it. It’s SUCH a roller man. So much soul for a tune so simple. Probably why my gigs have been so sweaty recently.

“Holding On” - Dawn Wall [Integral Records] 

If I could play this tune ten times in a set I would. Absolutely love the guitar and vocal samples. Perfectly crafted.

“So Close” - Alix Perez & Spectrasoul [Ish Chat]

Love, love, LOOOVVVEEE this track. It’s got such an icy feel to it but so much depth. Been such a fan of these guys for time.

“The Ice Dance”- Bachelors Of Science [Code Recordings]
Absolutely love this tune, from the glory year of 2008. I had it on a blank CD that my mate gave me and never knew what it was until I heard someone else playing it and nearly broke my leg trying to clamber over to the CDJ. This whole album has an amazing feel to it. Shouts to Luke and the guys.

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