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DJ Gregory is one of those names that any proper house music fans should know about.

He is the author of dance anthems “Elle” released in 2003, as well as “Canoa” made with partner in crime Gregor Salto.

This talented DJ & Producer interest for house music starts as early as the 90s in Paris, where shared the stage with Daft Punk. He then moved to NYC for some time, making collaborations with Louie Vega and then came back to the city of lights.

In 2000 he started Africanism Records along with Bob Sinclar and later launched Faya Combo, a label which re-issued a series of classics from the 2000s.

Here is another banger tune from the Frenchman, “Solaris.”

We had the pleasure to witness history as DJ Gregory made his return at Rex Club with the collective Dure Vie. The full line up featured Hugo LX, Dure Vie resident Baastel and Berlin based artist San Soda on a busy Saturday night. To understand why Rex Club is such an important part of the dance music in Europe, we did a little bit of research. The original building was built in 1932 as a movie theater, which is still active today. “Le Grand Rex” was inspired by New York's famed Radio City Music Hall. Then they decide to add a room downstairs -- a “Disco room” for DJs.

Since then, Rex club was started in 1992 by Laurent Garnier and is one of the most iconic clubs in Europe. Garnier made history in Paris by inviting all the greatest names of techno and house music for his “Wake Up” parties. All the founding fathers of the electronic music graced the decks of the new venue, such as Derrick May, Lil Louie, Carl Cox, Ron Trent and Jeff Mills.

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Carl Cox + Laurent Garnier 

Carl Cox + Laurent Garnier 

Back to “Dure Vie” on Saturday night with DJ Gregory & friends, as we chill a moment to get our drinks, some party animal we just met from South Africa insists on pouring drinks in our cup. After 3 “nos” we finally say yes and we start mixing vodka with rum, this is going to be an interesting night…The sound isn’t close to be loud yet, it’s still early and its quite nice we can all hear each other speak – too many clubs blast the speakers when the venue is still empty, what’s the point?

After some time, Hugo LX is now in control. By 1AM the venue is nicely filled up, just the right amount of people, not crazy packed yet. Hugo shows some nice skills behind the decks, playing different genres, from Afro house to disco and some epic tunes with a touch of jazz. One clearly stands out -- a massive tune by St Germain, “Sitting Here”, the Boddhi Satva remix. Berlin DJ San Soda then arrives at the DJ booth and the man signed to We Play House recordings knows how to make people dance. DJ Gregory is next. 

The man has been doing shows for some time under the name of “Point G” and it’s with great pleasure we see him making his return at Rex club. His set is eclectic as we can hear the New York influence in addition to the Parisian background. The crowd starts jumping and it almost feels like the walls are shaking. It’s a 2-hour performance which doesn’t disappoint. It is one of those moments where it feels like time is forgotten, plus the Parisians are lucky enough to get an extra hour that night because at 3am we go back one hour! Somehow we make that huge mistake to look at our clock, it’s already 5:30AM. The event will go on later in the morning and our legs start to feel quite heavy. Rex Club we love you but it’s time to go home, see you next year.


DJ Gregory (Paris - Faya Combo)

San Soda (Berlin - We Play House Recordings)

Hugo LX (Paris - My Love Is Underground, Mona Music)

Baastel (Paris - Dure Vie Family)

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