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It is rare that a band has the true power to uplift the human spirit in times of darkness but pop-alt band Oh Wonder knows just how to bring the light. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the magic of Oh Wonder firsthand. Riding high after the release of their second studio album Ultralife in the summer of 2017, Oh Wonder headlined their largest show to date at the legendary Shrine Auditorium on October 18th. Best known for their heady combination of soaring choruses, killer pop hooks, and glimmering soundscapes, the dynamic duo composed of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West won over concertgoers immediately. The duo was backed by a live drummer, a bassist, and an elaborate light display. 

Courtesy of Journey Beats

Courtesy of Journey Beats

From the opening song, it was easy to tell that there was something very magical and captivating about Oh Wonder's performance. Performing selections from their 2015 self-titled debut and their 2017 release Ultralife such as "All We Do," Oh Wonder captured its crowd through their emotive lyrics and poignant performance. Oh Wonder demonstrated excellent showmanship and was easily able to hold its audience's attention through their 75-minute set. Before performing their hit track "Lose It," Josephine spoke about how the song is about never giving up on your dreams and always maintaining hope no matter what. Josephine enforced the powerful belief to not let anyone tell you cannot do something because you can simply do whatever you set your mind to. Josephine spoke about how the band had gone from headlining West Hollywood based venue The Troubadour to nearly selling out the 4,000-person plus capacity legendary venue Shrine Auditorium in just two years time.

Proving their true headline potential, Oh Wonder's poignant performance further demonstrated their value as an alt-pop force with a very long career ahead. Their music has the type of musicianship and lyricism that is rarely witnessed in modern-day music. Before leaving the stage at the end of their performance, Oh Wonder announced that they will return to Los Angeles for six weeks in January to record their third studio album. We can't wait to hear more from Oh Wonder in the very near future. 

I also had the pleasure of doing a quick Q&A with the band. Please see below. 

Courtesy of Journey Beats

Courtesy of Journey Beats

What was it like to headline Shrine Auditorium?

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It was absolutely insane! It was our biggest headline show to date, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The crowd was incredible.

What inspires you?

People, curiosity… and curious people.

How has the Ultralife tour been for you overall?

Absolutely ridiculous. We were armed with new songs and new lights and consequently had no idea what to expect. We’ve been blessed to have so many “pinch me” moments over the last couple of months. Every night when we’re on stage singing our songs with a room full of passionate and excited people, we can’t help but think, "How on earth is this our job?"

What can your fans expect from you in the future?

Hopefully, we’ll find some time to take a break from touring and make some new music.

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