Yuksek, one of the biggest names in the French electronica landscape, does incredible work. On top of releasing a smattering albums in the late 00s and founding his own label Partyfine in 2013, he's hands down one of the best remixers alive. Earlier this year, he dropped his remix of "Bad Decisions," a Two Door Cinema Club original, which warranted dozens of repeat plays with it's outstanding tight vocals and it's airy progressiveness. 

Lucky day! We've got a new remix from the master himself. This remix of Projections "Distortions" takes on a serious afro tilt that is perfect for a groovy dance party, which goes late into the night. Starting off with a steady percussive beat, the remix uses some artfully toned bass-lines to quickly give the track a defined story. Soon after, the core driving elements of the song are beset by strings, manhandled by a gated effect in such a way to give them a hauntingly vocal feel. With ample room to breathe, but nary a dull moment, this is a perfect example of Yuksek's supreme talent and vision. 

Peep the original here

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