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Hotmood has had an absolutely phenomenal year. 2017 has seen the producer drop releases on many of the hottest labels across the disco landscape, including Star Creature, Whiskey Disco, and Tugboat Edits. His latest 4 track EP, Discotheque Dependencies, fresh from the heart of Texas, is off of Austin local label Whiskey Pickle. The EP is filled with the top notch Hotmood sounds we've come to expect from the king of feels. He's got a magic touch on all his tracks, which take on jazzy elements as well as soulful ones, rounding out into a final product that is heartfelt and genuine. As a regular feature on our Disco & Funk charts, we're honored to get a chance to premiere a track off the forthcoming release.

"Cosmic Groove" starts out in funky fashion, with a tight choppy piano riff backed by a classic finger-licking bass-line. Soon enough, it begins to grow legs, as the chord progressions breath in a subtle but ever-growing narrative. This trend continues, and as the strings enter the picture this song grows wings and seems to take off into the sky. Ever the visionary, after the peak of the song Hotmood brings back the choppiness that he began with; the perfect conclusion to a top notch journey.

Pre-order it here

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