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In The Know: Weekly Music News Summary November 17, 2017

SoStereo’s weekly music and advertising news round up
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Facebook Launches Creators App:

Facebook is looking to be friendlier to its creators. It has launched a new creators app for iOS (Android coming in the next few months) that gives creators more features for their mobile phone. It also integrates various apps, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger better for sending messages and doing stories. There is better analytics and insights, while also offering more built-in production.

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Diggers Factory Announces Vinyl-Only Online Marketplace:

French start-up, Diggers Factory, made headlines earlier this year when it said it would press any vinyl on any budget. Now it is launching a vinyl-only marketplace. It will allow several different interactions on the marketplace. Customers will be able to sell to each other with new and used records and even vote for limited edition or out of print editions to be remade. Businesses can sell to customers and then business can sell to other business like a distributor to a record shop.

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Warner Music Signs Licensing Deal With Anghami:

Many of you may be wondering who or what is Anghami. It is the largest streaming service in the Middle East in North Africa and already boasts over 50 million users on its platform. While we focus on the big western streaming players like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon, they aren’t in every country around the world and there are other companies that have stepped up to fill the void and have done it well. Warner just signed a licensing deal with Anghami, which can only be a good thing for their artist’s global presence.

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New Music Tech Company UnitedMasters Launches As Label Alternative:

UnitedMasters, with $70 million in backing from Alphabet, has been launched as an all-in-one music-clearing house for artists to release, promote and sell music from one place. This sounds familiar, but there are a few differences. The company allows artists to keep the ownership of their master recordings, which is a main difference from labels. Then it splits royalties after dealing with distribution. The final piece of the puzzle is advanced analytics that helps hone in on super fans and other ways to monetize your base or create new opportunities in places that you might not have otherwise seen. This is the selling point and many are hopeful that it won’t just be another music company. 

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