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Since its launch at the end of 2015, Tchami’s label Confession has released some of the most cutting-edge dance music to date. The label continues this trend with one of its latest releases a collaboration between Los Angeles-based producer Jace Mek and French duo ASDEK titled “Loose Mind.” The track is a dirty and glitched out bass house banger. “Loose Mind” has a fantastic syncopated beat that constantly keeps you on your toes. It is the type of track you would expect to hear being played at Night Bass or on the main stage at Hard Summer. 

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Since coming into the scene strong in 2016, Jace Mek has become known for his signature wonky and futuristic sound perfect for the club. Jace Mek has released on labels such as Warner Brothers Records and Dim Mak, working alongside some of the biggest names in EDM such as Vince Staples and GTA. ASDEK is a French duo, which following in the footsteps of Tchami, has created music that has broken new ground in their homeland. 2017 has been an especially big year for ASDEK with releases on both Insomniac Records and In / Rotation.


Check out our interview with these young up and coming artists below to learn more about their recent success, what inspires them, and their future plans.

SB: You both had a very big year in 2017. What has the response been like for you?

JM: It’s been so overwhelming. From trying to figure out what my sound, to getting super close to achieving that sound, I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback that I appreciate so much. It definitely keeps me motivated to keep making weird music. There have been several moments during this past year where I didn’t know where I was headed, but because of every one of those who supported me, I know exactly where I want my music to be. It’s a good feeling knowing that people are starting to be more open-minded.

A: 2017 was interesting. We grew up musically but in our lives too. We made a ton of new connections and our crew is getting bigger. We gained a lot of support and we have some serious studio time to prepare for in 2018. We can't wait for what's coming next.

SB: What are your favorite records and tracks of 2017? What are you listening to right now?

JM: I’ve been listening to Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN album, Vince Staples’ Big Fish Theory album, Thundercat’s Drunk album, and Tchami’s Revelation EP. Those were my favorite releases from 2017. Aside from these newer releases, I’m always listening to my favorite band Mumford and Sons.

A: So much good music was released this past year. Of course, we were very impressed by the extent of Tchami's Confession label, and all the incredible releases. So many artists took it to the next level this year. Big shout out to artists like Dustycloud and Bellecour. Special thumbs up for the new prodigy of bass music Basstrick who killed it this year. We're really happy for our friend Habstrakt and his now worldwide known chicken soup. We listen to a lot of hip-hop music too, and we definitely think that that was the mood of the year. We are now listening to IAMDDB.

SB: What or which acts are your greatest musical influences? What inspires you?

JM: Some of my greatest musical influences are Porter Robinson, Tchami, Benny Benassi, Boys Noize, Mr. Oizo, and Crookers. Also, my 10th-grade AVID teacher who laughed in my face and told me to keep dreaming when I told her I wanted to be a music producer still motivates me every single day. Weird sounds have to be the only thing that truly inspires me. When I either hear or create a weird sound, ideas begin to flow through my brain.

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A: We have so many influences. Techno and house music mainly with the people who are around us labels like Defected, TABT, and Night Bass. Even some hip-hop and rap beats inspired us of “Make It Rain.” We try to inspire with all the music where we can find a vibe.


SB: What has it been like working with Confession?

JM: It’s been a journey, a great one I might add. From releasing “Whales” to “Loose Mind,” there are a couple more tunes I’ve released with them in between those songs. Because of Confession, I’ve created a received a bigger following that I’m extremely grateful for. Even though I received a lot of negative comments because of “Whales,” I believe that because of that track, people were able to decide whether they like my music or not. Tchami, DJ Snake, Mercer, and Malaa have helped me out a lot throughout the time I’ve been releasing through Confession. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

A: We connected with Jace Mek a year ago. We are big fans of this dude and his own style. We really wanted to collaborate with somebody really different from us and explore new musical fields. It was really different than all of the other collaborations we had done so far. It was really spontaneous and cutting-edge. Like we started with a Brazilian jersey jam and ended with this track. It's been a funny process.

SB: What are your plans for 2018 and beyond?

JM: I have a couple of releases lined up for 2018. I want to break barriers in the music world. Whether I do it this upcoming year or I do it in five years. I want to make sure I leave a mark in this industry. I hope to inspire young artists in a way where they could be themselves with their music and not follow trends but create them.

A: We are exploring a lot of new sounds, new styles, and we'll try to always bring something new to our fans.

SB: Is there anything you want your fans to know?

JM: Thank you for all the support. I hope that you guys continue to support the weird stuff. I hope that you guys and gals continue to keep an open mind, and I cannot wait for you all to hear my upcoming releases.

A: This is just the beginning. We're coming for you very soon.

Find more of ASDEK, Jace Mek and Confession on SoundCloud. 

Listen to "Loose Mind" below.

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