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If you ever wondered how it’s like for a refugee to live in the U.S. let us introduce you to the world of Kia Mazzi. He left Iran some 10 years ago and never looked back. Since then he started producing music, even opening for Infected Mushroom for a massive concert. His album “Mothership” is out now and it’s a nice blend of techno, experimental, trance and more…

“In this world, being an independent artist is hard to do and to be. Everyone may be talking about being such, but as you go further, get deeper into the business, you may find even less people are actually doing it.“

Now Boston-based Kia Mazzi will surprise you, here is our interview with him.

We heard you have an admiration for Jean Michel Jarre. Can you tell us how it started?

Yes, I grew up listening to all kind of western music until my brother in law played an oxygen cassette for me, I would lay down & put the little speakers next to my ears & that's when it actually i fell in love with electronic music back then I was like 10-11 years old. 



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The artwork on your album is a plane in the desert. Can you explain why?

Ha, I studied aviation back in Tehran, so I was searching for cool ideas & found this pic online, so I asked the photographer if i could use it for my album & he loved it!

Your track "Sunrise" has definitely a middle eastern vibe to it. Can you tell us how your background influenced the making of your album Mothership?

Well during all those years living there & growing up in that environment, music was the only thing that could help the most. So I would listen to all kind of styles of music. Mothership is sound track of my life, where i came from & share more about who i am

What was it like to share stage with infected Mushroom?

It was an honor! Special thanks to Randy Seidman inviting me to warm up the show for Infected's concert also special thanks to Erez for their new plugin "Polyverse" which you can hear it on "Machine."

Are you a Software or a hardware guy and why?

Unlike most musicians I started with software. And then the more I learned & experimented, I gravitated more towards using hardware. 

How is it like being from Iran and live in Boston?

It's great! I been living in Boston for almost 10 years. The winters are cold though.

How often do you go there?

I came to USA as refugee & wont go back.

What is the next big genre for electronic music in your opinion?

Electronic music is still evolving because our technology evolving so there always will be all kind of trends, yet there are probably less than 50 people that actually creative in terms of artistry, musicianship & their craft. 

Is there someone you would dream to work with? Appart from Jarre..

There are many names that i would love to work of course, but I'm always open to work with any creative mind as long as it make sense. 

Did anyone ever tell you you should apply for a sponsorship with a South Korean car manufacturer?

Ha, no. 


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