It's Back! Soundtoys Launches Their Epic Annual Black Friday Sale

Get the new Little Plate Reverb FREE with bundle purchases and upgrades
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It's Back!

It's Back!

Soundtoys has once again announced their annual Black Friday Sale, November 23-29, with savings of 50 to 65% off audio effects plug-ins, 50% off bundle upgrades and the deepest discount ever on Soundtoys 5 at $249 (reg $499). Plus, during the Black Friday Sale the new Little Plate reverb plug-in comes free with Soundtoys 5 and upgrades to Soundtoys 5. All offers end November 29, 2017.

The latest from Soundtoys and the company’s first-ever reverb plug-in, Little Plate is inspired by and modeled after the EMT 140 plate reverberation unit. It features a creative new twist on the classic analog sound, offering a broader range of decay times – as short as half a second for super tight ambience effects, to extended decay times up to infinity for unique and creative frozen reverb sounds.

Black Friday Sale Prices:

Soundtoys 5 Bundle $249 (reg $499); includes FREE Little Plate
Upgrades 50% OFF (log-in for upgrade prices); includes FREE Little Plate

EchoBoy $99 (reg $199)
Decapitator $99 (reg $199)

Crystallizer $69 (reg $149)
PrimalTap $69 (reg $149)

FilterFreak $69 (reg $149)

Devil-Loc Deluxe $49 (reg $129)
MicroShift $49 (reg $129)
PanMan $49 (reg $129)
PhaseMistress $49 (reg $129)
Radiator $49 (reg $129)
Tremolator $49 (reg $129)
EchoBoy Jr. $49 (reg $99)
Little AlterBoy $49 (reg $99)
Little Plate $49 or FREE with Soundtoys 5 or Upgrade Purchase (reg $99)
Sie-Q $49 (reg $99)

Devil-Loc $39 (reg $79)
Little MicroShift $39 (reg $79)
Little PrimalTap $39 (reg $79)
Little Radiator $39 (reg $79)

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