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Joseph Capriati DJed For 25 Straight Hours In Miami Over The Weekend

Sounds more fun than running a marathon.
Joseph Capriati

The term marathon or extended set is used pretty loosely these days. 3 hours can be considered an extended set and six a marathon, but over the weekend, Joseph Capriati put both of numbers to shame and then some. The Italian techno producer and DJ played for 25 hours and 30 minutes at Heart Nightclub in Miami.

In a tweet he says the marathon set wasn’t something he planned on doing and will be hard to repeat. It sounds like a logistical nightmare with the need to eat, go to the bathroom (throw on an extra long song at that point) and of course the lack of sleep.

At hour 20 of the night / day, the club was letting people in for free to see this mammoth marathon set go down. See a few clips of the day below. 

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