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Lazy Rich Announces He is Retiring From Music At The End Of 2017

He will continue working on the business side of things.


Lazy Rich is retiring from his music career. The DJ and producer who rose to prominence in the late 2000s, early 2010s in the peak EDM boom years has still been on the fringes of music, but shifted his focus towards the business side of things. That is where he will focus his efforts now.

He is the founder of Big Fish Records, which he says will continue to run. He is also the CEO of Label Engine and Create Music Group. Label Engine is a demo promo service (one of the better ones if you ask someone who has been getting promos from a lot of services for years), publisher and YouTube administrator. Create is similar, but more focused on marketing, promotion and distribution on a creative level with help for analytics.

Some of Lazy Rich’s biggest records include his 2010 collaboration with Porter Robinson “Hello,” which was signed to Big Fish Recordings and was a very early electro house record from Robinson. He worked with Hot Mouth on a pair of gritty releases “Flash” and “BONK!” that were festival hits. He was someone who you could always count on for a well-produced and well done bit of electro house or complextro. 

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It is a cruel industry and if you fall out of favor, don’t stay hot or can’t stay super marketable, then this is what can happen. We wish Rich the best with Label Engine, Big Fish and Create Music. 

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