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Lehar Shares His 8 Favorite Diynamic Music Tracks

Lehar picks out 8 essential releases from Solomun's Diynamic Music.


Venetian DJ and producer Lehar has been a part of the Diynamic Music family for nearly three years now. Solomun's label has been an important home for Lehar, born Lorenzo Esposito's, music and that continues into 2017. He recently released a sprawling and hypnotic 6-track EP on the label titled Picture, his installment as part of the label's series by the same name. In honor of the new project, we asked Lehar to come up with his some of his favorite songs ever from the label and he delivered with 8 of them. There are a few biased picks of his own, but we will let it slide. Pick up the EP here.

1) Musumeci - Mood Organs:

From the forthcoming EP of Musumeci, this peak time bomb always creates a special moment on the dancefloor, been playing this since almost a year, a secret weapon!!! A Must Have!!

2) Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer - Voix Grave: 

This has been one of the highlights of last summer, a great and dancefloor destroying track, but always with class ;)

3) Human Machine - Africa: 

One of the strongest track by my friends HM has been a huge tune of the end 2016.

4) Lehar - Fantasia: 

One of the favorite production from my own catalogue. Part of the Magical Realism EP, my 1st ever EP on the Hamburg label.

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5) Ost & Kjex - Easy (Lehar & Musumeci Remix): 

The first remix myself and Musu have worked on for Diynamic, a strong tune of 2016.

6) Lehar – Metrotango: 

This is one of the strongest track I have ever produced, part of my last mini LP Picture: Lehar. "Metrotango" is a peak time tune which never fails. Strong but classy ;)

7) Brigado Crew and Crisstiano – Zulu: 

This strong track with afro vibes has been a heavy tune played so many times last year.

8) Lehar - The Last Track: 


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