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Lights/Out Exclusive: Get Inside The Process Of Blush Response's New Album

See what it takes to create Infinite Density
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Recently, Berlin-based artist Blush Response released his new album via Sonic Groove. The 10-track LP is a masterfully crafted blend of Techno, EBM, and Industrial, with influences from the likes of Autechre and Skinny Puppy. It's rough, tough, and raw-as-fuck. What goes into creating such an album you might ask? Fortunately, Blush Response was kind enough to give us the inside scoop and has provided us with an exclusive look at his weapons of choice.

EURORACK MODULAR: The main sound source. This does 90% of the sounds on the record, including some drums. I can do anything I want with this instrument, it's completely tuned in to my brain So many cool manufacturers in here. Make Noise, Schippmann, Noise Engineering, Erica Synths, Random Source, Intellijel, Livewire, Mutable Instruments, to name a few. 


INDUSTRIAL MUSIC ELECTRONICS STILLSON HAMMER: This is a beast of a sequencer. Again on so many tracks. Mine is also special because it has a black panel (thanks Scott!!!!). So many cool functions make this thing rise above the rest. My favorite function is probably randomize. You can randomize any parameter or group of parameters. It really helps when lacking for ideas.


NOISE ENGINEERING LOQUELIC ITERITAS: This was a new acquisition for the album and really blew my mind with its range of sound. From leads to warping basses to pads and drums, it can really do anything. So much so that NE has released a new version with built-in envelopes tailored for percussion. I hope to get that version soon as well. You can hear this one best on NO SOLACE, it's the main synth line.

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ELEKTRON OCTATRACK + ANALOG RYTM: The rhythmic center of my setup - all of the drums on INFINITE DENSITY, whether sampled or synthesized, come out of the RYTM. Amazing sequencer and sound, just perfect. Even some synth sounds on the record come from it. The octatrack is used on the record for a lot of sampled textures and also sequences the modular on quite a few tracks.


'Infinite Density' from Blush Response, is out now via Sonic Groove. Stream the album below.

BONUS: Want to see Blush Response and his setup in action? Check out his Boiler Room set from last year. Absolutely devastating.

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