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Listen: Born Dirty - Static [Way Way Records]

A sublime mix of minimal tech and fidget house
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Remember when minimal tech was the coolest sound around? Dubfire and Deadmau5 were putting out quality tunes, and things were great. Then it disappeared, at least from most DJs record boxes. Artists Born Dirty appears to have missed that message, as their latest release is a perfect combination of that tech house we all loved, with a slight touch of fidget in there for good measure. 

The track first starts out fairly standard until the perc line slowly builds, as well as the sexy and sleazy vocals. After a slight break, we get into the thick of it with the almost dubstep synth line. Although the track isn't long in length, it gets its point across. Born Dirty are appearing to be quite diverse producers, and we can't wait to see what comes next. Check 'Static' below.

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Get the track here.

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