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Magnetic Magazine’s 2017 Cannabis Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

Deck the halls with these fun and classy presents with a terpene twist!
Goldleaf Journal & Cannador

‘Tis the season for gift giving, and it’s never too early to start gathering ideas. Weed Wednesday, Green Friday...between now and New Year’s there’s a lot of reasons to spoil your friends and family. Finding quality gifts from brands worthy of your support can be time consuming and overwhelming. The good news? MAGNETIC compiled this helpful list to guide you on your quest for inspirational gifts that your cannabis-minded loved ones will truly enjoy... now and for years to come. Not in the mood to shop? A micro-toke of your favorite strain may do the trick. Happy Holidays! 

MagicButter Decar Box

MagicalButter DecarBox

Cool Gadgets:

Treat your loved one to a gift that helps make more treats. MagicalButter’s DecarBox Thermometer Combo Pack allows you to effortlessly activate cannabis to your desired potency during the decarbing process, providing better precision on edible potency. While you’re at it, pick up a MagicalButter machine if you don’t already have one. They’re incredibly easy to use and super helpful in creating medicated topicals, tinctures, butters and oils. 

Wireless grow room monitors from Pulse are what’s up for the grower in your life. Get your favorite concentrate fan a Puffco vaporizer for dabbing on-the-go. And, everyone will love owning a brand new Nuggy Dab or Hybrid in two new colors (pink and blue!). Both have a shell made of high quality, heat resistant ALOX, allowing them to be used as carb caps. The Nuggy Dab tools include a pick, spoon, paddle, and fork, intended for use with concentrates. The Nuggy Hybrid is for both concentrates and flower, and comes with a pick, scraper, spoon, paddle, knife, and clip. 

Elevated Accessories

Classy Accessories:

The Colfax Dugout V2 by Elevate Accessories is a new twist on the classic dugout. This handsome piece comes in black walnut or maple with anodized aluminum closures (choose black or silver). It comes with a glass joint in either black, white or clear. The wooden box is finished all naturally with food grade mineral oil and carnauba wax, keeping your medicine safe and your dugout in good condition to last. Great for traveling, they hold up to two grams of ground flower. Cannador’s cannabis humidors and mahogany roll trays are gorgeous and always appreciated. 

CannaSmack’s cruelty free, hemp infused Luxe skincare line cleanses without drying out your skin...and most of their offerings are vegan, which is cool. And, be sure to check out Goldleaf’s journals, elegant tools for documenting your journey as a medical marijuana patient, grower and/or enthusiast, because they are perfect for those who want to make the most out of their cannabis sessions—document the effects of different strains, record tasting notes, uncover grow patterns. The journals are made up of acid and chlorine free paper. Goldleaf’s beautiful and retro-modern art prints are both aesthetically pleasing and educational. You may want to purchase a few of those bad boys, too.

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Marijuansana Mala Cannabis Leaves

Cannabis Infused Experiences:

Have you ever taken a friend to Tokeativity? Ever attend Puff, Pass & Paint with your pals? Take a Cannabis Tour? Sign up for a Make & Mary class? What about Mystic Journey’s Friday night crystal sound bath with Dynasty Electrik? Experiences make just as great of gifts as things. In addition to the events just listed, Marijuasana, a hemp and cannabis infused yoga class, is a unique, thoughtful and spiritually enlightening gift. 

Marijuasana is lead by one of the best mindful movement teachers in the wellness and cannabis industry, Stacey Mulvey. Her events offer cannabis enthusiasts an opportunity to socialize and create a unique sensory experience with like-minded individuals in a soothing setting. Classes are currently held in Denver, Washington D.C., Boston, Las Vegas, and more. Oregon and Alaska, she’s heading your way soon. Be sure to check her website and social media channels for updates on what city she’ll be visiting next and secure your tickets in advance. 



Craft Cannabis

We’re living in a time where legal cannabis opens up a whole new industry of gift ideas. If you just can’t decide on an item your loved one will enjoy, try buying them weed! Just any weed won’t do, though. When alcohol is gifted, is it bottom-shelf booze in a plastic bottle? No! It’s top-shelf, presented in a pretty glass container or a well-designed package like California’s Lowell Smokes...or Oregon’s Pachecos, a unique line of premium blended handcrafted smokes comprised entirely of sustainably grown artisanal flower with a cotton-filter for smooth hits. 

Colorado’s AlpinStash grows some really heady craft cannabis and they’re very passionate about organic, eco friendly cannabis cultivation. Helping Hands in Boulder, The Bud Depot in Lyons, and Organic Therapy in Breckenridge all carry AlpinStash products. If you’re in Oregon, Washington and (soon) Vegas, save money on your craft cannabis by using The Daily Leaf website and app for discounts up to 75 percent on quality cannabis products.

Kush Kards

Kusk Kards

Fun, Thoughtful and Unique Items:

Move over Hallmark, there’s a new sheriff in town! KushKards are colorful, clever and unique greeting cards with a delightful cannabis theme. From “birthday” to “get well soon” to a variety of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s KushKards, there are plenty to choose from—enough options to satisfy every toker and jay smoker on your list. Each card contains a spot to insert a joint or blunt, as well as a match striker than can be used over and over again. Meaningful, useful and oh-so-adorable, KushKards are gifts in themselves (in addition to whatever rolled treat is added inside), and pair well with another present from this list. Other fun gift ideas include out-of-this-world Spooky Girl Art illustrations, terpene-rich Kush Candles, Lighter Charms, AnnaBis’ stylish aroma blocking bags, Errlybird torches, High Society Collection jewelry, GravLab glass, a custom Cannabiscape, and The Stoner Mom’s Essentials Box.

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