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The production aspect of Audio's tunes is unparalleled. Stop banging your head in ecstasy long enough to drink in the sounds properly... what's that? You can hear each individual, beautifully crafted element hard at work? Is it like craftsmanship wrapped in a heart attack?? DAMN RIGHT YOU CAN! DAMN RIGHT IT IS!! The title track, "Rat Race," from his latest four part EP does not disappoint.

Running the spectrum with releases on Virus Recordings, Renegade, and RAM - you can begin to get a taste of the bad man vibe. "Rat Race," drops on Blackout come the 10th of November, and nothing ever yelled 'buckle up bitches!' louder than that particular combo.

Embodying all you could want, hope for and need in an Audio tune? You betcha. 'Rat Race' has got it covered. Get involved - 10th of November.

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