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Premiere: Dance Spirit Deliver Spacey, Techno Ride With 'Thoughts Like Stars' On Bedrock

Dance Spirit

LA-based DJ and producer duo, Dance Spirit, are gearing up to release their new EP, Thoughts Like Stars. We are happy to premiere the title track, “Thoughts Like Stars,” for you today before the full thing is released on Monday via John Digweed’s Bedrock.

The single has a spacey, hypnotic sound to it that channels the inner self as you imagine space travel, while also the infinite possibilities of what endless space may be like.

We also chatted with the duo about releasing music with Bedrock, what their Hyperspace Music brand is about and more. Stream the tune below and pre-order the EP here.

What is it about Bedrock that made you want to release your ‘Thoughts Like Stars’ EP on the label?

Chris: John Digweed has always been a huge and influential figure in my music life, from the moment I discovered his ‘GU Sydney’ mix I was hooked, and after learning about his ‘Transitions’ radio show I was a dedicated listener. It’s always been a dream to have a release on John Digweed’s label, so to have his support and approval has been a very surreal pleasure and a big moment for me as an artist and I have been trying to enjoy every second of the success the moment has to offer.

Reagan: Sasha & Digweed were responsible for me discovering the music. For myself it was around 6th grade, in 1996 that I first stumbled across their Northern Exposure in the music store. I’m not sure what made me gravitate towards them? It was really mostly a random chance buy first time. The second Northern Exposure for me was a really defining moment in my musical appreciation for early progressive sounds. Through the years John Digweed’s consistent dedication to his craft and pioneering attitude has established him as a living legend, and I am grateful and humbled to be releasing our own version of the sound on his label.

For those who aren't too familiar with Hyperspace Music, what is that all about?

Reagan: For me, hyperspace is space beyond space, the road we travel inside to the source, where the self is realized and the connection to the universe is made and the inspiration and art is channeled in to reality. Hyperspace music is future-music that’s crafted to help facilitate another person’s journey to the source, where they can reconnect and heal from within. It comes from love and reconnects to love. My goal as a modern day musician is to help people reach higher states of mind, whether on the dancefloor or at home, where they can dance and heal, and feel connected and loved.

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Chris: As we aren’t entirely sure what “genre” we’d call ourselves, as we write so much different music, it just kind of stuck as a way for us to define our music and have some fun. The spiritual and transcendental aspect of listening and dancing to the music is what we try to communicate the most with our sound - the ability to reach different planes of consciousness through dance or to engage your mind by listening to and analyzing the patterns of the beat, all play a part in the subtle nuances and beauty we capture in the studio. So in a way Hyperspace is our personal way of describing our music and where it can take your mind, body, and soul.

If you guys could travel anywhere in the universe, where would you go?

Chris: Interesting question… Off the top of my head I would love to just traverse the universe in a satellite ship and explore different planets, if there were any earth type planets I would love to explore them, however, I also feel that the universe is also inside of you and there really is no place like home

Reagan: I’d love to flutter through a black hole, stop by a few nebulas for lunch, camp out in an alien forest, experience pure balance at the center of the universe, experience pure level in dimension C-137, and well… would just really love to be reincarnated as a Starship pilot.

How did this EP come together?

Chris: John has been a big supporter of ours for a while now. When we released ‘The Sun Also Rises’ a couple of years ago, we cited Sasha and Digweed as one of our major influences in music and I guess that helped land us a guest mix on John’s ‘Transitions’ radio show. He’s also played a massive amount of our Dance Spirit releases on the show over the last few years. Last summer we sent him some music and he replied that he loved it and then, him being the busy man that he is, we didn’t connect until the end of the year, at which point he told us that he would love to do something with us for 2017! This offer came at the right moment for us artistically, as making music specifically for Digweed was an inviting challenge to switch up our sound without losing the integrity of our art!

I spent a lot of time listening to all my favorite mixes by John back in the day, and even though a lot of the old progressive is on acetate and the sound isn’t as booming or mastered as well as the current styles, there is still a ton of talent, imagination, and technique going on in the music. I had a great time researching and dissecting the music and applying what I thought I was hearing in these older records to new method development in the studio. We’ve changed our style a lot over the last few years and it usually takes a month or so until we finally have ideas and techniques locked into the groove of what we want to accomplish.

After about 3 months we had a nice new style going and a decent body of work to test out at our gigs, by the time May came about we were fully changed and debuted the new style at the Lightning In A Bottle festival and it went over even better than we could have hoped for. After that we knew the 3 songs that we thought would appeal to John’s ear the most, rolled the dice and sent in the demo. We heard back from him a few weeks later and he gave us exciting news that we had a release on Bedrock!!!!

Reagan: It was really fun challenging ourselves and really helped me develop some new tricks and touch in to some new musical skills and internal understandings of music and emotion.

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