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Nobide released "Ascent," the single off of Contrary To Popular Belief last week. Prior to Contrary To Popular Belief, Nobide released two well-received EPs that assisted in the solidification of the brilliantly creative moniker. 

Nick Vann is the mastermind behind the Nobide alias. Under this alias, Vann experiments with jazz, future bass, and nu-funk by blending them evenly and balancing them amongst one another. Vann set out to become one of the industry's most fluent and versatile producers, and he's achieving much more than that. Since Nobide's inception, Vann has opened for artists like Bass Physics, Random Rab, Evanoff, and kLL sMTH

Vann is a student at the University of Colorado and a lover of all things art. He only has less than a month left of his college career and he has proved that perseverance and dedication for success in music and receiving a college degree is pertinent. 

The nine-track album is a true journey through the aforementioned genres. Nobide is developing into a genre-blending prodigy who isn't afraid to try something new. Tracks like "Hold Up" and "Spark" are extraordinarily nostalgic. 

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