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Premiere: New York Duo Shanghai Restoration Project Unveil Eclectic & Sweeping New Album 'R.U.R'

Dive into a world where robots are the leaders and humans are extinct.
Shanghai Restoration Project

Shanghai Restoration Project

New York electronic duo, Shanghai Restoration Project, are ready to release their brand new album R.U.R. Comprised of Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan, the pair first met in 2011 to work on music videos and live visuals, but then started to write and produce music together. The pair spent the last year putting together this album, which puts the listener in a terrifying, yet not so unrealistic world, where robots have replaced humans (are we human or are we…) and the robots are trying to figure out what led to our extinction.

Once you are in that robotic mindset, listening to the album makes a lot of sense. You travel through rain forests with animal noises and rain falling in the background, while scattered percussion and piano keep the listener engaged throughout. The melodies are vivid and basslines crisp as the pair craft a thoughtful and thought-provoking LP.

Some songs are lighter than others and some take a much darker tone reflecting the good and obviously sinister nature of the human race that eventually went extinct – in this scenario.

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However will the robots become so self-aware that they find out where they came from? This some Prometheus shit? Listen to the end to find out or just pester them on social media.

“Inspired by a combination of current events and technological breakthroughs, R.U.R. imagines a future in which humans have been replaced by artificial intelligence,” the duo explains the premise of the album to Magnetic. “To capture this dissonance between the natural and artificial, our production choices include detuned analog instruments paired with human vocals, polyrhythms comprised of body percussion and plant pots, and samples ranging from rainforest insects to outer space sounds. Hopefully these choices make our album resonate better with listeners.“

Listen to the album below. R.U.R. will be released this Friday, December 1. Pre-order it now. 

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