Premiere: Toyboy & Robin Add Clubby Feel To Classic Celeda 'The Underground' Sample

Toyboy & Robin revisit a classic with splendid results.
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Toyboy & Robin

Toyboy & Robin

Cr2 Records is revisiting some songs from their catalog for some fresh revisits that fit the current clubbing climate in 2017, heading into 2018. They have commissioned Toyboy & Robin to take on Henrix & Celeda’s Underground, which sample’s Celeda’s classic house track “The Underground.” It is a remix of a song heavily based on a sample. Still following?

The Toyboy & Robin remix brings the track back to its original elements with a clubbier feel, emphasizing the “now let me see you work” line that you may recognize from a Carl Cox set.

"Working on this Celeda remix as part of Cr2's Past, Present & Future releases was a lot of fun," says the duo. "We decided not to try and emulate the original (which is still such a classic), but to instead put our own, slightly, more current twist on it. Hope we managed to do that!"

The remix will be released as part of Cr2’s Past, Present & Future compilation, out this Friday, December 1st, which you can pre-order here.

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