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Resident Advisor Ending Its DJ and Live Act Poll: No Five-Peat For Dixon

Dixon has won the last four polls, which started in 2006.
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Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor made the announcement today that it is ending its DJ and Live Act poll. In a blog post, the website outlines its reasons for ending the poll that became a benchmark for “underground” DJs, but started to see the same names year on year at the top – reflected by Dixon topping the list for the past four.

The poll was started back in 2006, five years after the site was founded in 2001. Fan voting was introduced in 2008. At first things were fine, but they note that 2016 was the “culmination of a growing feeling: that the homogeneity of the results didn't represent the diversity of the scene.”

Also the poll was dominated by men, which there wasn’t much Resident Advisor themselves could do since it was a fan voted poll. The polls didn’t “represent the reality of electronic music in 2016,” in terms of women DJing and “to continue running these features would be to diminish the vital contribution they make to electronic music.”

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This is a bold move, since, as they mention, it was their most read piece of content. That is a hit to their finances. Also some DJs at the top of the poll likely won’t be happy either that they can’t pitch venues as a RA top DJ, though they publicly won’t admit it.

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