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Review: Getting Baked in Seattle On Edibles & Oils

Exploring BotanicaSEATTLE’s cannabis infused products

BotanicaSEATTLE’s line of cannabis infused edibles and one sensual oil offer products designed to address the needs of a wide range of individuals interested in trying cannabis. As a clean green certified processor, they make their products using the best practices available for creating high quality pesticide free-products.

Moxey’s Mints:

Think of these mints as offering a quick pick-me-up similar to popping an Altoid or a natural supplement. Each tin contains 20 individual wrapped mints. Choose from energizing peppermint (THC), relaxing cinnamon (THC), peppermint (CBD) and ginger (CBD). I sampled the soothing CBD peppermint mints. These mints included Echinacea to boost immunity and Indian Gooseberry that supports rejuvenation and Echinacea to boost immunity. Each one of these mints contains 5mg CBD & 1mg THC.


These fruit jellies debunk the notion that cheap edibles need to be cheap tasting. These affordable fun candies for adults cost about $20 to $25 for a 100mg bag of jellies. Inside each bag one can find 10 jellies in cherry, grape, and mango flavors. Each individually wrapped jelly contains 10mg THC and delivers a happy mellow high. The title Journeyman was chosen because “life’s a journey man.” The low price point and mellow high makes these jellies perfect for those who like to have an edible after work in lieu of grabbing a pint or a glass of wine.

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The slogan for Spot “find your spot” is emblematic of this line of edibles goal to give people a controlled environment to explore how one’s bod reacts to different levels and types of cannabis. They were the first edible brand to between sativa, indica, and hybrid in their products. Their labels help break down the mysteries of consuming edibles by explaining the type of experience one may have with this particular edible. I tried their dark chocolate (58%) indica edible, a product that produced a very calm and chill vibe that enabled me to drift off soundly to sleep.

Proper Chocolates:

BotanicaSEATTLE’s pastry chef was formerly with the Tom Douglas restaurants and Fairmont Hotel. Their mastery as a chocolatier shines through in their high-end Proper Chocolates. Each hand poured truffle contains 10mg THC and are available in peppermint, salted caramel and peanut butter. These truffles have a creamy buttery texture and a velvety feel. Think of these chocolates as the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary, work celebration, or birthday. They come in packs of two, thus making them ideal for celebrating with a special someone.


This sensual oil represents BotanicaSEATTLE’s foray into the topical market. Their motivation in creating this product was to explore the impact of this female plant on the female body in a real intimate way.

In addition to selling cannabis infused edibles and a sensual oil in Washington State dispensaries, BotanicaSEATTLE has established a processing plant in Oregon and have started to roll out their products for sale in Oregon dispensaries. 

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