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Review: Sasha & Alan Fitzpatrick - El Jefe (Version 2) [We Are The Brave]

The two techno titans come together for WATB's 11th release
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How epic would it be to make a track with one of your all-time heroes? Especially if the said hero was none other than Sasha. Lucky for Alan Fitzpatrick, that's exactly what happened. Neither of these names needs any introduction, so we'll get straight to the point. They made a track, and it's great. Well, one track with two versions. Only version 2 has seen any public light, so we are going to focus on that one. Although, I can confidently say BOTH versions are ace. Anyways, let's begin. 


Each version definitely brings out the characteristics of each producer, while version 2 is very clearly Alan's version. It starts in typical Fitzpatrick with a simple yet massive kick, hat, and little perc hits. As the track builds, we are greeted with what I would argue has become Alan's signature big reverbed out, ravey chords. At almost three minutes in, you almost forget that Sasha is even on the record until the lush pads and melodic arp come in ever so gently over the pounding kick. Granted this is Alan's version of the track, so this is to be expected, but the chords and pad are most definitely Sasha. 

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The track actually reminds me of one of my favorite techno records, which happens to also be by Alan Fitzpatrick, the track being 'The Tetra'. Personally, I'd say that version 2 of El Jefe is much more tool orientated than version 1, but both have their place. Either way, I can promise you that you'll be hearing these tunes for a long time coming. Congratulations to We Are The Brave for their 11th release. Stream the track below. 

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