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The Gaslamp Killer Files Defamation Lawsuit over Rape Allegations Made Last Month

He allegedly raped two women at The Standard Hotel on July 5, 2013.
The Gaslamp Killer

The Gaslamp Killer, real name William Bensussen, has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court today against the individuals who accused him of rape last month. Last month, Chelsea Tadros accused Benussen of drugging and raping her and her friend RaeAn Medina at a party at the Standard Hotel in LA on July 5, 2013. He has denied the accusations and is now suing Tadros, Medina and Jack Wagner, Tadros' boyfriend.

The 26-page complaint, obtained by Magnetic Mag, calls the allegations “malicious and disgusting” and says the sex was “consensual.”

It provides a very different side to the story from what Tadors gave. It relies on sworn testimony from a Christopher S., who claims to be one of Medina’s friends and had worked with her as a photographer. He says he never saw any drugs given to the two women and saw TGK, Tadros and Medina leave together under their own power after spending time together at the hotel.

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Jack Wagner is included because he made a statement about the rape allegations via his own social media accounts as well.

He is suing them for libel, emotional distress and economic damages amounting in total to $5,000,000, plus costs of the suit, punitive damages and more. 

In Tadros’ statement on October 12, she alleged that Gaslamp Killer drugged and raped her and Medina. Read the post below to see her charges against the DJ and producer. As a result of the allegations, venues canceled his shows and his career has been largely on hold. 

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