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Happy Fall and Almost-Turkey Day, Mis Amigos. The air has that beautiful crisp feel to it and we are all at this point looking so fly in our fresh flannels and killer boots. The chill life is upon us, with holidays just moments away and Michael Bublé coming out of his ten-month-long hibernation to sing us Christmas classics while we drink whiskey heavy hot ciders and nom on delectable dishes. 

I admit that I've already made and have been playing a holiday mix with all the classic jams, and that's why this Best Of Chill Dance chart for October is so late to the party. No I don't apologize for being prematurely excited. And no, I won't get sick of a single one of those songs before Christmas comes. 

These Chill Dance tunes fit the fall and holiday mold, with crisp beats featuring best in the biz vocalists and finely polished good vibes productions. Let's kick things off with an artist that shows up just about as much as Mr. Bublé...take it away Mr. James...

“Numb” Hayden James feat GRAACE

The womps are strong with this one. Orchestral walls build up around the timid and sultry opening vocals all before it implodes into a pachydermal beat and soulful and sassy refresh of featured vocalist GRAACE. Hayden James tends to ghost his fans for a hot minute but I’m hoping this time he won’t leave us hanging too long. Once again Future Classic delivers a hit and Australia’s James leaves another strong impression on modern dance music.

“No Captain” Lane 8 feat. Poliça

There’s only a few artists I’ll buy tickets almost six months in advance for and Lane 8 has joined those elite ranks. He will be returning to Los Angeles next March as part of his 35-date “This Never Happened” tour and I will be there with my finger pointing lads and lasses to welcome him and his new record in tow. This is the first single off the upcoming January 2018 release, “Little By Little” and with indie favorite songbird Poliça on the guest vocals it’s a strong signal that there will be no sophomore LP slump. It’s close your eyes and dance clubby, it’s poppy and melodic, and it’s instrumentally eloquent - and that mixture is what makes Mr. 8 so special.

“Dissolve” Kllo

This cherry might as well be called Top Australian Dance Tracks. I love the aussies and they’re the best in the biz for great chill dance tracks like this single from Kllos new album Backwater. I missed their show at the Ace Theater earlier this month because I was at Dodgers Stadium watching my team lose the World Series and I’ll never forgive myself because I heard they sound amazing live. Just check out this new live music video for Virtue they released...

“Burns” George Fitzgerald

Mr. Fitzgerald we are so pleased you’ve returned. The smoldering new single, “Burns” it gives us something to look forward to from this maturing UK producer/DJ beast. He has a new album dropping Spring 2018 with a new live show to accompany it. The band debuts their new strut this month with a couple dates before opening for the final show on Bonobo’s tour. 

"Astronaut (Something About Your Love)" Mansionair

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Minimal synthy elements and a seductive echoing voice is my kinda jam, and the Australian trio Mansionair are surgeons at pulling off those kinds of productions. To give the track that extra celestial feeling they used a vocoder scatting vocal in the chorus and captured the sounds of inside a piano during recording. 

"Empty Room (Elderbrook Remix)" Big Wild feat. Yuna

"Bones" jackLNDN

"Blurred (Bonobo Remix)" Kiasmos

"Distraction" WYNNE

"Medusa" Kailee Morgue

"Keep The Faith" Moon Boots feat. Nic Hanson

"Midnight" Emmett Kai

"Written in the Sand" Bvd Kult feat. Will Heggadon

"Saying" Nic Fanciulli feat. Damon Albarn

"Ede" Jason Barty


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