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Tomas Barfod Explains The 10 Albums That Influenced His New Album Paloma

When Underworld, Jamie xx, Bjork and Massive Attack are in rotation, you know something good is going to come from it.
Tomas Barfod

Tomas Barfod

Danish producer Tomas Barfod is prepping the release of his third album Paloma tomorrow, November 3rd. He has already teased a few singles from the project that have already shown the beautiful, melodic and soothing nature of this very complete LP. In honor of the album, we asked Barfod to give us the 10 albums and projects that influenced him on the journey of making Paloma. The selection is diverse and excellent, pulling selections from Underworld, Björk, Cubibolor, Jamie xx and more as his references and inspirations.

Read on to see why he chose each album as it pertains to Paloma and do not miss out on this LP tomorrow. It is a complete piece of electronic music that should be listened to in one sitting from start to finish. There are 80s influences, stunning ambient instrumentals and great vocals across the LP. Pre-order it now here.

1. Underworld - Second Toughest In The Infants (Deluxe / Remastered)

This Underworld album was on my reference list while I was making Paloma, I was very inspired by 90’s electronica, I was working a lot with breakbeats etc, but during the process I ended up reprogramming or muting all 90’s sounding beats…and I actually ending up with non-90’s sounding album

2. Björk – Debut

Another 90’s classic, maybe the most important album for me, It still can make me cry.

3. Luke Abbott – Holkham Drones

Luke About is in my opinion one of the greatest producers in the scene. Holkham Drones is his most mind-blowing material, one big pshychadellic journey into synths.

4. Massive Attack – Protection

Massive Attack also was in my mind when I was making Paloma their beautiful mellow universe is great for the album format.

5. Chrome Sparks - Goddess

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This mini album (and everything else Chrome Sparks has done) is a big inspiration to me. It’s that my stuff could ever sound like his because we have to very different approach’s to making music. I’m pretty linear in my way of writing songs and production, and CS goes from east to west and then ends up on the moon. I really admire that.

6. Jamie xx – In Colour

I usually try not to listen the obvious choices, so every time there is a trend I try seek something less exposed. The XX and Jamie XX has been hipster darlings for long, but I think what Jamie is doing is so great that I have to include this album.

7. Cubicolor – Down The Wall EP

This EP from Cubicolor is super dancey and melodic on the same time.

8. Fantastic Mr Fox – San'en EP

This EP is so amazing and so brilliantly produced, its both funny and very beautiful. There is not much sounding like this out there and it’s a shame that hasn’t been a release from Mr Fox in 3 years.

9. Ital Tek - Hollowed

Ital Tek is described as dubstep but I would rather say its doomsday ambient techno. I could never be this dark, but creating such strong vibes, is a goal for me. I didn’t end up exactly there on Paloma, but I think I might get closer in the future…on another project. Shouldn’t be listened to alone.

10. Throwing Snow - Axioms

Throwing Snow is very inspiring to listen to as a producers, I love his dirty beats, that are somewhere between breakbeats and house beats, and his massive use of arpeggios.

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