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How's that sugar hangover treatin' ya? Our favorite holiday of the year is Halloween because directly following the ghostly gatherings comes November 1st, aka "Cheap Candy Day." Hooray cheep candy! To assist in the dancing off of those hard earned calories, check this list of 15 of the top disco & funk tracks from October 2017. There's enough here for you to chew on for long enough to skip a few meals, which you'll probably need after demolishing that 38th snickers of your week, last night! 

1. Javi Frias - Tender Feeling - Night Shift Records

Spanish maestro Javi Frias reworks "Sweet Rain" by Dee Dee Bridgewater and it feels so damn fine. This edit is absolutely top-notch; it has a cohesiveness to it that most would only dream of achieving!

2. Honeydripper - All About You - Sooo WET

We're not sure there's a label out there better suited to sling this absolute boner-jam. For real, this definitely falls into the NSFW category, if not for the swinging vibes then certainly for the sultry Barry White-like spoken vocals. Keep your pants on please!

3. Ash & Simp - Babies (Ilya Santana Re-Work)

This chunky rock and roller is some top notch baby making music! This comes from the Spa In Disco Summer Compilation, a 23 track long album full of stellar disco tuneage.

4. Shit Hot Soundsystem - Woah

Shit Hot Soundsystem delivers with authority on every track they release. They specialize in heavy ass sound profiles that slap your face with good vibes. This heavy handed remix of George Clinton & Parliament's "Not Just Knee Deep" is no exception!

5. Chuggin Edits - Nights Over Essex - Noc Boots

Chuggin is an absolute favorite of ours for his laser focused edits and remixes. This edit is a veritable magic carpet ride of good feelings! The entire EP is a who's who of this year's hottest names in disco, check it out if you know what's good for you!

6. Delfonic - Music Is Love - Razor-N-Tape

Oh look! Another Razor-N-Tape feature!! The hardest working duo in disco locked down the first release by OYE Records label boss Delfonic. This one off the b-side starts off as a percussive whirlwind only to unleash a set of classic vocals that will make you sing with joy.

7. Anonym - Doin' It With Ya Bod (Hawwis Re-edit)

Are you ready to kick it up a notch? This invigorating edit picks up the pace on the amazing Anonym original and leaves us feeling an intense craving for a fine dance partner!

8. Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love (V4YS Can't Escape Edit)

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Go ahead and catch your breath as we slow it down for a minute for this mellow groove. This Vibes4YourSoul edit of a Bryan Ferry classic will beg you to find your nearest girlfriend and find out what she's up to!

9. Eben Rees - Dirty Dishes - Honey Butter Records

Ready your face, Eben Rees is slinging a hot bowl of chunky jazz soup! Round and tight, sort-of like someone else we know! 

10. Hot Toddy - In The Genes - House of Disco Records

Hot Toddy specializes in particularly swanky types of disco house grooves that are instantly ready for a jam-packed late-night dance floor. The best part about his tracks is how slow they build. You might think you have some time to ready yourself but once his jams turn the corner it's game over!

11. Fouk - Ronnie Slaws - Times Are Ruff

Yesssss more Fouk! We can never get tired of hearing these Dutch jazz masters. Their songs have such an effortless energy to them, and yet retain a headiness that keeps their sound fresh on the 1st to the 3800th listen.

12. First Touch - Toe Jammin' (Radio Edit) - Star Creature

Here's a classic sounding jam to accompany your roll down the street in your drop top. With the 70s funk bass-line surrounded by all manner of piano driven sounds, it's hard not to prevent the swankiness from taking over. 

13. Giraffage - Green Tea (ft. Angelica Bess)

Here's a fresh original from the zoo-tastic Giraffage. This cat is the top of the new crop of nu-disco producers who leverage the heavy ass bass-lines that sound ever so slick on that dope car stereo. With careless Nancy Whang-esque vocals on top of the tight highs and lows, this is perfect highway jam material.   

14. The Silver Rider - El Rey - Noc Boots

Did we just feature two tracks off the same EP? You bet your ass!! No shame here, we gotta show love where it's deserved, conventions be damned! Here's a shameless plug for our interview with the Texas disco-don himself.

15. Michael Jackson - Thriller (DJ Glen 40k Years Funk Revision)

To close it out we've got one of those tracks that you've gotta be crazy to touch. Either that, or you've got a vision for it that is far enough away from the original that it can stand on it's own. This one is CERTAINLY the latter! Great work!

And now the playlist!

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