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October brought in the Halloween classic tunes, costumes, candy to rot your teeth out and of course, some new music. The month went by in a blink of an eye. Down here in Texas, it just started getting a little "colder" but it will soon be back in the mid 80s in a few days. An important thing that started up again this month, Stranger Things; if you haven't already binge-watched the new season, get to it! The series has a kick-ass soundtrack to it too!

1. "Little Dark Age" - MGMT

MGMT is back after it seems like forever. This song is totally 80s, which makes it even better. It sounds like it could even be on Stranger Things. 

2. "Faded Heart" -  BØRNS

The heart-throb hunk is constantly making great tunes. He has the coolest style, great hair and groovy music. No wonder girls love him. 

3. "I Miss That Feeling" - Tennis

This song absolutely rocks. A duo that can do both: love each other and make music as a couple. That is a life goal. But really, this song is great.  

4. "Blue Coupe" - Twin Peaks

These dudes are always up to something good. It's cool how they have a range of songs. This one is more of a mellow song.

5. "Follow You" - Zuli

Zuli is on the come up. This jam is from his album he just released, On Human Freakout Mountain. Zuli provides a mix between indie, rock and psych. 

6. "Peace Blossom Boogy" - The Babe Rainbow

If you're looking for a modern retro band, here you go. These guys are total hippies in a time-warp from the 60s and so so good!

7. "Slow" - Beachtape

When a band name has 'beach' in it, they're almost always beach/surf rock. "Slow" is a slow jam to chill out to. 

8. "Seasons" - Pale Grey 

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This song is moderately dreamy. It kind of eases into a mood of reminiscing, or even looking into the future. 

9. "Not So Bad" - Johnny Kills

This song is a little punky, a little rocky and a little slacker. It has a cool riff to rock out too and it really isn't so bad itself. 

10. "Twist It, Shake It. Rock & Roll" - Trudy & The Romance

As soon as you listen to this song, you realize it's a happy beat. The snaps, clicks and all. Almost a retro feel, it's an addicting tune.

11. "As If" - Surf Rock Is Dead

Surf rock is so NOT dead. This song screams day-dream pop with the surf added to it. 

12. "Ivy" - Ruby Haunt

Ivy is just a good name for a song in general, in my opinion. But Ruby really does it with the piano melody in the background, super dream-like on a foggy day. 

13. "Pretty Girls" - Michael Seyer

Mr. Seyer is a genius. "Pretty Girls" is so easy to listen to, it's like a mix between Ariel Pink and Connan Mockasin. 

14. "It's Alright" - Sam Valdez 

Sam Valdez is a complete babe. If Angel Olson and The War On Drugs had a baby, this song would come from it. 

15. "Swing Lynn" - Harmless 

This song is so dang good. Harmless should get a token of dream-pop for contributing this to people's eardrums. 

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