Top 4 Reasons Vaping Is Better Than Traditional Smoking

Check out four more reasons why vaping with an electronic device and the best tobacco e-liquid beats out smoking cigarettes any day of the week.
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You’ve seen those huge vape clouds people are able to create while vaping. Pretty neat, right? And that’s not the only reason vaping rocks. Check out four more reasons why vaping with an electronic device and the best tobacco e-liquid beats out smoking cigarettes any day of the week.

Safer than Smoking

Vaping blows smoking out of the water when it comes to harm reduction (which is the fancy way of saying you have a reduced risk of a bunch of deadly diseases). That’s because vaping only heats a substance while smoking actually burns it. It’s the combustion that creates the thousands of toxins found in cigarette smoke, 70 of which have been found to cause cancer in humans.

Vaping avoids the burning and, in turn, eliminates the massive amounts of toxins. Non-combustible sources of nicotine are much safer than burning cigarettes, and vaping leads the pack. In fact, a Public Health England report pegged vaping as about 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes.

Cooler than Smoking

You know the drill. Light a cigarette, even outside, and the next thing you know people around you are pretending to cough, waving their hands in front of their face, or dragging their kids across the street in horror to avoid the second-hand smoke. You’ve become a veritable outcast, and rarely get asked out on a date.

Put down the cigarettes in favor of vaping and you can once again pick up a social life. Even if people ask you to go outside to vape, you won’t be coming back in reeking like an old, over-packed ashtray. You might even get a date.

Tastes Better than Smoking

That same burning that makes cigarettes so harmful can transform the taste of tobacco from something delicious into something that tastes as bad as that old ashtray smells. Turn to vaping with the best tobacco e-liquid, and you’re turning to a source of tobacco that’s naturally extracted from a real tobacco plant. That means you get real tobacco flavor – not something that tastes like it came from the bottom of a shoe.

Better for the Environment

Since vaping doesn’t involve lighting anything on fire, you no longer have to worry about all those cigarette burns on your couch, kitchen counter, car seats, and armchair. You won’t end up burning down the house if you fall asleep with a vape in your hand. That’s how it helps your home environment.

Vaping is likewise better for the earth’s environment. For starters, it doesn’t leave trillions, yes trillions of cigarette butts clogging up storm drains, parks, and recreational sites every year. It also eliminates the need for all those disposable plastic lighters that end up floating around the world’s oceans before washing up to litter the shores.

There you have it. Vaping rocks because it makes everything happy. The earth is happy. Your unburned house is happy. Your friends and family members are happy. And you are especially happy to have turned to vaping with the best tobacco e-liquid – and not just because you finally got a date.


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