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Top Warner Music Sweden Exec Reportedly Suspended Over Alleged Sexual Assault

This comes right as nearly 2,000 women in the Swedish music industry signed an open letter condemning the abuse they faced.
Intern Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Warner Music

The Swedish music industry is potentially going through its own Harvey Weinstein moment after 1,994 women across the business signed an open letter condemning the abuse they face. Now one senior executive from Warner Music Sweden has allegedly been suspended for sexual assault against female employees and artist signees.

The news first leaked in Swedish tabloid, AftonBladet, on the day that the letter was first published, November 16th. It was not originally reported who the exec worked for, but according to Billboard sources, they are a Warner Music Exec.

Music Business Worldwide reported that the exec was supposed to be transferred to the Warner Music London office in January after being offered a position there. The office was apparently unaware of the allegations made against him, for which he is now suspended.

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In a statement given to AftonBladet, a spokesman for the company, now believed to be Warner, said they takes things seriously and will investigate the claims.

“We have a code of conduct regarding harassment of any kind and these allegations are being treated very seriously. We have suspended the individual concerned while a thorough independent investigation is conducted.

“We’ve also held an internal meeting in Stockholm to reiterate to our team the avenues available to make any complaints and how carefully and swiftly we will respond.”

Expect to hear more stories about abusive men in the music business in Sweden and around the world. 

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