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Watch The Tender Video For Bjork's New Album Single 'Blissing Me'

Bjork's "Blissing Me" is taken from Bjork's upcoming album Utopia


Bjork has unveiled the music video for her new single "Blissing Me," taken from her upcoming album Utopia. The video isn’t as out there or lit up as her last, but the video does have similar eccentric wardrobes and dance moves.

The video was directed by Emma Dalzell and Tom Walker and done in a single-shot following Bjork dancing around a white space. It is simpler than “The Gate,” but striking nonetheless.

The song itself speaks to just about anybody who has worked in music or has fallen in love with it. “Blissing You” is about two music nerds who fall in love by sending mp3s back and forth. Falling for someone’s music taste is a very real thing. 

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This is the latest single and video to emerge from her upcoming album Utopia, which will be released on November 24th. 

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