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Watch Carl Cox Shares Secrets To DJ Set Up, How He Mixes & Creates Sets

Coxy showing off some his secrets to a perfect set.

Carl Cox remains one of the best DJs in the world. So when he shares secrets on how he DJs, others should listen. He recently teamed up with PLAYdifferently for a video in their “How I Play” video series that brings in big-name and skilled artists behind the decks to show how they get the job done each night. Cox is the latest to discuss his technical set up, how he mixes and puts together a set.

The beloved DJ goes through the process that he uses when creating a set. He talks about how he uses the mixer and pioneer controller together with Traktor to mix together tracks and manipulate songs into something that is almost totally different much more “soulful.” The video shows him working various elements of the mixer as he loops together different songs, works fx and shows off filtering techniques.

He says he never plans a set and if he can't come up with something with 100 records, he should be working at a fish and chips shop. 

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If you are a DJ, this is a must watch to learn a few of the mixing secrets by one of the all-time greats. If you have time off during the holidays, watch and practice what you have learned here.

The Model 1, as seen in the video, was designed by Richie Hawtin in collaboration with Andy Rigby-Jones.

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