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Weedsday Playlist: Cannabis Printing Company, Goldleaf Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Goldlead Journal

The MAGNETIC crew is really diggin’ Goldleaf’s elevated items: art prints, The Patient Journal and The Grow Jotter. Oh, and The Lab Pen is pretty cool, too. We love it all so much, we’ve ordered a few journals and prints for the office. Inspired by Goldleaf’s offerings, we asked the premier cannabis printing company to create a Weedsday Playlist and it’s brimming with ease and tranquility—therapeutic, dreamy and spacey downtempo tunes that take you away and help you forget about your daily stresses, worries and pains. 

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The Grow Jotter: A Cannabis Grower's Pocket Journal & The Lab Pen

"The Pills Won't Help You Now" by Chemical Brothers feat. Tim Smith of Midlake

This tune is the final track on the Chemical Brothers’ We Are The Night. It closes out a killer album with peaceful finality with amazing melody and composition, matched with the silky vocals of Tim Smith from Midlake. The lyrics are also surprisingly emotive and talk about a dear friend battling with addiction, a theme that many can empathize with. The song does a great job at weaving in courage with struggle, a choice tune for anyone needing a boost in encouragement.

"(Untitled)" by Sigur Ros

Nobody sounds like Sigur Ros. They are utterly unique in more ways than one—their production, their compositions or the fact that they sing many of their songs in a made-up language called 'Hope-Landic' (derived from the Icelandic language, which is their home tongue). Odd to some, but we love that part. Their music means something different to everyone. Each person can weave their own thoughts and impart their own memories and feelings. Their artistic prowess seems to always surprise, and their videos normally match the wonder heard in the songs. This track is no different—it isn't easy to follow, but it shows children in a post-apocalyptic world still managing to find joy. The hopeful end to what is a sad song is inspiring.

"Lazuli" by Beach House

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"Hypnotic" is surely one of the filters that Beach House ensures all of their songs flow through. This track, from the album Bloom, goes a step further and pairs well with a pretty great video, full of escapism, rad effects, and 80’s throw-back glory. This band is a go-to when you need to unwind and want some melodies that can easily relax and disappear into the house noise.

"Holocene" by Bon Iver

Bon Iver’s progressive song structures and outside-the-box production is what impresses here. Headphones are a must. The compositions are so interesting. It’s no wonder Kanye West is an avid fan. “Holocene” has some solid melodies and drips with feeling. Like the rest of the songs on the album, it’s a perfect choice for spurring thoughts during meditation, or as a tool to take you to dreamland.

"Veteran's Day" by The Story Of

A lesser-known Texas band, you may remember seeing these guys at SXSW in Austin years back. This song always strikes a chord. The tune focuses on the D-Day invasion of WW2 and the video is pretty incredible; all found footage of Allied forces from both fronts in the war. It’s strong Irish folk influence, alongside it’s energy and narrative approach to the subject makes it very likeable. “Veteran’s Day” is a reminder of the sacrifices our service members make, and the healing that has to be done upon their return...whether it be physical or mental.

Bonus Song!

"Oblivion" by M83

Most of M83’s catalog is 80s inspired synth-rock—equal parts wall-of-sound and hair metal drumming. “Oblivion” is a slight departure from their formula due to the guest vocals (they are normally an instrumental outfit). It has the classic M83 soundscape, roto-tom fury and the vocals help take you away to a science-driven fantasy. This song was created for the film with the same name, but it stands on its own.

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