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Weedsday Playlist: Eco Firma Farms CEO Jesse Peters Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Jesse Peters Eco Firms Farms

“There are few things in life I love more than music. And, it goes hand-in-hand with all the things in this world I love to do—surf, playlists, snowboard, playlists, work with the plants, playlist. For that matter, life is just a series of back-to-back playlists with no clue what’s going to happen next. That’s what makes it so fun,” says Jesse Peters, the CEO of Eco Firma Farms—industry leaders in sustainable cannabis production.

Peters’ Eco Firma Farms was Oregon’s first farm to operate solely on wind-power and today the farm runs entirely on renewable energy. Eco Firma also employs organic farming methods in the production of their artisan crafted, top-shelf cannabis. Even more, it’s Eco Firma Farms’ mission to be completely carbon-neutral. Through their recycling initiatives, use of recycled packaging materials products and exercising responsible fertilization practices, the Eco Firma team are always taking extra steps to be excellent stewards of the environment...and they’re spreading good-will along the way.

Eco Firma Farms is a member of Craft the Cannabis Association (CCA), the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC), and a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA). Peters’ himself, a DJ and 22 year Marine Corp vet, and his team at Eco Firma are strong supporters of the music scene and community, producing events with some our favorites, Tony Ozier, Slimkid3 of the Pharcyde, Mark Farina, Talib Kweli, and many more. They’ve even participated in Fore Twenty Sports golf tournament to raise money for Snoop Dogg’s favorite MD, Dr. Dina’s Freedom Grow, a charity working to make a difference in the lives of non-violent people imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes.

Jesse Peters has earned his keep in the cannabis space, working for over 26 years developing his craft as a cannabis subject matter expert and master cultivator. He’s testified to state and local legislators and worked with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission on rules governing cultivation regulation within Oregon. Through his work within the industry and by establishing Eco Firma Farms, Mr. Peters is a force behind the most recognizable cannabis cultivation brands within the state.

Lover of all things fine weed and tunes, also pretty phenomenal skate and snowboarder, MAGNETIC sat down with the sergeant himself to learn his five favorite tunes for your next sesh. Turn on!

“I Get Deep (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix - Emanuel Satie Rework)” by DJ Le Roi feat. Roland Clark

I’m currently in love with this track. I love electronic dance music, always have. I’ve been spinning records for too many years to count and there are few things better for me than grabbing a drink, sparking a jay, and throwing records back and forth with friends for hours. I enjoy seeing what new music everyone has up their sleeves and how well they lace it all together. Turn up the music loud enough to block out the whole world and just get lost for a few hours.

“Strong (Remix)” by Young Dro feat. 2 Chainz

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This one’s an obvious favorite. It’s the ring tone for Eco Firma’s Director of Cultivation when he calls my phone.

“Talk About” by Rehab

Love this song. I spent 22 years in the Marine Corps and used to listen to “Talk About” when coming in on final approach to whatever country I was landing in. It reminds me of that feeling, “OK, time to go to work.” It’s the last chance to just think of home, your friends, family, your life, to take in that appreciation for what you have. Then, it’s off the plane and into a whole new mindset. I wouldn’t trade those experiences and the men and women around me, here and abroad, for anything in the world. 

“Yesterday" by Guns N Roses

“Yesterday” reminds me of being 17 and stoned with my friends, a bunch of guys and girls in the park on a summer day playing hacky sack, teenagers without a care in the world. We knew we didn’t know shit about being older, but we knew plenty about being young and we enjoyed every minute we could. We were a tight group then. We’re still a tight group today. Some we’ve buried. Some live across the country. And some are just down the street from me. But, when we all get a chance to see each other, it’s as if it was just yesterday we were hanging out in the park chilling in the sun. One day, I’ll get all of us together in that same park to smoke a joint...or a Pacheco, listen to music and play a little hacky sack. One day.

“Jambi” by Tool

There’s too many good songs to choose from with Tool, but this is definitely a great one. Danny Carey is one of the greatest drummers to ever live, right up there with Neil Peart and John Bonham. We saw them at the Gorge Amphitheater back in ‘05 or so, and we may have accidentally smoked way too much. All good, though. This song came on louder than life with a huge fire visual in the background. And, that visual of the backdrop of the Gorge...If you haven’t seen it in real life...I could never do it justice with words. Do yourself a favor and go there for a great show! The campground after was just a circus of Tool music playing everywhere, party after party, fire spinners, spectacles, and general oddities everywhere. No better place to be stoned, hanging out with random people, and just living.

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