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Bands Can Sell Tickets On YouTube Through Ticketmaster

This should help artists sell tickets.
youtube Closeup slant logo

youtube Closeup slant logo

Ticketmaster and YouTube have teamed up for a new partnership that will allow bands to sell tickets using Ticketmaster on YouTube. The integration will allow certain bands to put links to tickets below their videos on YouTube with the closest date added first.

The announced integration makes a lot of sense. YouTube is the most trafficked streaming and discovery service, so this could be a big boon for Ticketmaster and Live Nation to sell more tickets. It isn’t immediately clear if YouTube will gain from this monetarily, but as they try and position themselves as an “artist friendly” platform in spite of the public beatings they have taken recently, this will make them seem like they are trying to help artists with another feature to make money. In the end it doesn’t solve the outstanding issues of copyright infringement and low payouts.

The feature hasn't been rolled out or integrated with every artist, but it can be seen with some of the big acts already. 

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