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Dubstep never "went away," it never "died," it has always been there bubbling under the surface, seeping out through the cracks. These monthly 140BPM Bass-weight articles will be focusing on all aspects of deep dubstep, old and new, bringing you various flavors from across the globe.

Zha - Material

It's no secret that Zha is one of the most hard-working people in the music scene and a massive pusher of both digital and vinyl music. He runs 3 to 4 record labels that distribute both formats stretching from dream-like melodic music straight through to hard hitting grime & sub-heavy dubstep. This particular release came out on his own imprint 'Naan', both tracks that are included on this release are of the highest quality, however Material got me so hyped when I first heard it. For me personally it's one of the best dubstep tracks to come out of 2017. Low-end sub bass engulfs the entire track and with every drop there is a new sound and new texture heard. Such a great piece of music, out to Zha every time, you can purchase the release here.



Kotei - Manna:

This young producer has got a rare and savage sound. Primarily a grime producer with various release's on labels such as Southpoint and Pear Drops. He's created a very unique style to his production. When you hear his tracks, you immediately know they've been created by him, which is great trait to have within this scene. 'Manna' is forthcoming via Strictly 140 on a 4 track compilation E.P. entitled The Contrast E.P., due out in December. The theme for the release was for each track to sound completely different to each other and showcase the contrasting production styles within dubstep as a genre, Kotei definitely boxed that one off with this dark, bubbly riddim. More info about the release soon.

Kotei @ Lakota

Kotei @ Lakota

Bengal Sound - 2 Worlds:

I've been absolutely smashing this track on radio over the last month, the entire release from Bengal Sound via White Peach is absolute levels, every track is a masterpiece. 

For me, intros are an integral part of any track, and with this riddim in particular, the intro is a stark contrast to the drop. It starts with the brush of guitar strings and some vocals that are then quickly slowed down and suddenly everything then gets a little murky. The grime vocal samples that have been used slot perfectly between the stormy textures that cover the entire intro. When it drops it drops with such weight. You hear the dark subs and a creepy bouncing bassline rocketing back and fourth. Such a giant track from Bengal Sound, make sure you cop the entire release here.


Aki - Spectre:

Aki has been absolutely smashing it recently with his solo releases and of course collaborations with his partner in crime Zerg. They recently released a 3 track E.P. on Coki's notorious label Dont Get It Twisted, which is such a massive achievement so big ups to them. 

This one, out on Foundation Audio entitled 'Spectre' is a cold, industrial track. It stays true to his roots with a deep, heavy hitting drop, but still keeps the entirety of the track very minimal and spacious. Aki is definitely someone to watch out for in 2018. Be ready for his forthcoming release on Strictly 140 which is due out on 'The Contrast E.P.' in December. You can purchase FA030 here.

Zerg & Aki

Zerg & Aki

Hebbe - Watch Out:

Hebbe has been one of my favorite artists for a while now, its no secret that the European dons are absolutely smashing it at the moment and for me Hebbe is up there at the forefront. With countless releases under his belt and a special relationship with the darker side of 140bpm, I guarantee this artist will be spearheading Dubstep in years to come. 'Watch Out' is a very dark track with a bass that reverberates back and fourth like a pumping heart, and with every drop comes a different layer to the track. Absolute monster production, out to Hebbe every time. 


Seven & Jman - Top Rank:

Seven has been pushing dubstep for well over 10 years now using his own label Uprise Audio and of course with his own productions. For me its all culminated with his most recent album. 11.11 is a polished masterpiece encompassing everything that dubstep is and then some more. The collaborations alone on the release are special with features from Youngsta, Polly Yates, Juss B and more. 

Every track is completely different, however Seven has constructed the album in such a way that the entire release flows effortlessly from beginning to end. Top Rank is my most favored track from the album. It's a hard hitting dub that will make any dance floor erupt, combine the instrumental with Jman's emphatic vocal flow and the end result is something very impressive. 

20369551_10156563240497468_5400519210123265671_o (1)

Truth - Lion (feat. Taso):


Truth are a duo made up of Tristan and Dre. They are very well known producers in the scene and for me personally, they've made some of the heaviest dubstep tracks throughout the years. Amazingly versatile with their productions, and with an endless back catalogue of music, theres only one direction these 2 artists are heading and that is up. 'Lion' is a very weighty tune and incredibly sub heavy. Having been released on one of the most respected dubstep labels of our time (Deep Medi Musik) you instantly know that every tune on the release is gonna bang. Truth are now at the stage where they are literally winning awards for their music so every credit to them. You can purchase the release here.

The duo recently recorded a Strictly 140 Guest Mix which is packed full of unreleased and exclusive dubs. Have a listen below.

Darkimih & Taiko - Unwarp:

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Here we have another producer with a very, very rare sound. Straight out of Ireland, Darkimih makes some very dark, very experimental types of music. He doesn't just stick to 140bpm either. He dabbles in all sorts of tempos and if you observe his facebook page, you can view various self edited videos with his productions layered over the top. The dude has got a very serious style to his music. Now Taiko has been featured before within our dubstep articles. He is another guy that creates very genuine music, so when I first heard of this collaboration, I was itching to hear it. The intro is very emotive with the gentle brush of piano keys, then from the depths comes a gruesome fragmented bass drawing you into the drop. The samples they've used slot effortlessly into the track at various points. Such a sub heavy tune from these 2. The track is forthcoming on a very well established dubstep label. That is all I can divulge for the time being. Out to both artists on this one. 

Dench - Untitled


I don't usually say that a track can fully represent me when it comes to dubstep. I enjoy all types and various sounds so to pick just one would be too hard. However this track right here is probably the closest it gets. Stripped back minimal dubstep with a chilling first drop and a drum pattern that is reminiscent of grime. This entire track is weighty from the initial drop with the haunting brass, to the space and textures between breakdowns. Its got it all. Massive track from Dench. Make sure you purchase the entire E.P. which is out on Substantial Audio now.

Distance - Scratch the Surface:

Distance is a household name within the dubstep community. He was there from the beginning making his own warped, destructive sound and never adhered to anyone else's rules. He has definitely solidified himself as a pioneer of the scene and is still churning out banger after banger. 

This one is a colossal riddim. The drum structure is so different to most tracks, almost delayed in a way, it nearly feels out of time, however it works so perfectly when combined with the rest of the track. No one is ready for the drop, at all. Its so dense and drawn out. Absolutely massive track. Shouts to Distance every time. You can purchase the release here


Glume & JFO - Sub Echo:


Some straight up extra-terrestrial shit coming from Glume and JFO on this one. They are two of the sickest producers at the moment and for me neither of them get the recognition that they deserve. I've been following both artists for quite sometime and every release they feature on is absolutely crystal. I fully rate both artists production styles highly and hope that in the future the decide to collaborate more as the end product is special. No word on a release as of yet.

Dark Harmonics - Yunkraah:


This one, out on Deep, Dark and Dangerous now is a rib shatterer. It starts in a very atmospheric way, with a thundering drum beat that slowly creeps up on you, and some kind of distorted vocal samples. It then all breaks away and you are left with a dark, sub heavy bass that squeezes out through the speakers becoming enormous once its been freed. There's all sorts going on within this track with some creepy, dark chimes that run along the edge of the production. Massive track and a huge release from Dark Harmonics  

Muttley & Ishan Sound - Still Smoking

Out of the whole list, this one has got to be my favorite track. Both artists are doing absolute bits at the moment, Muttley has had releases with Southpoint, Brunswick Sound and many other labels. 

Ishan Sound is someone I have followed for quite some time now, and fully rate his productions. He rarely makes anything that isn't climatic and emotive but still keeps the darkness within his creations. He handles the balance really well and thats why he's held in such high esteem. I've heard there is also going to be more collaborators from these 2 artists very soon which is great news. No word on a release date yet.


Roklem - Warp:

This one is pure crud from Roklem. Another European artist, this time from Germany, he's been making waves with his atmospheric and haunting productions. He also dabbles with Drum and Bass too under the alias 'Manikz' so make sure you check that out. This production, out as a free download and premiered through the well known platform 'Keep Deep,' encompasses the very essence of what dark, 140 bpm bass weight is all about. A creepy intro followed by a bubbling rounded bass that ignites on the drop. Massive track from the German don. Look out for more from him in the future.


Sleeper - Holy Guacamole:

Now last on the list but by no means least is the 140 bass weight JediSleeper. He has been one of my favorite producers since the dungeon days. I've always respected him with regards to the quality in his productions and the fact that he's always stuck to his roots. This one is an absolute PERCY for me. I first heard it on Sleepers Strictly 140 Guest Mix and my gosh did it blow me away. If there was ever a dubstep track to symbolize weight, then surely this must be it. Make sure you check out the entire release on Crucial Recordings now, it also features Samba, Moonstones, Oxossi, Mesck and Saule. Out to Sleeper everytime. 

You can also have a listen to Sleepers 'Strictly 140 Guest Mix' below


Look out for more articles from me in 2018.


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