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Memorial Day Weekend for the music community in the U.S., generally means everyone begins to embark on the annual pilgrimage to the Techno mecca that is knowns as the Movement Festival in Detroit. However, the options do not stop with Movement, there is Lightning In A Bottle & Dreamstate in California, Boston Calling in Massachusetts, Neon Calling in Texas, SoundSet in Minnesota and so on. Last year's unexpected surprise was attending the first installment of Elements Lakewood Festival in Pennsylvania (a village in Preston Township cusping the edge of Pennsylvania's state border near New York state); run by the BangOn! NYC crew. 

Elements Lakewood Festival is a three-day music and arts festival that is held across four stages with a wonderful variety of artists, as well as hidden stages all throughout the grounds. The five-hour drive from Boston was well worth it to spend a weekend in an intimate environment with wild decoration and shenanigans such as a floating pirate ship on the lake, which was comically commandeered and taken across the lake only to be tugged back by a rowboat (true story!). The stages were named after elements, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire and were robust with production and visual stimulation hosting the likes of Lee Burridge, Claptone, DJ Three, Thugfucker, Doorly, Eagles & Butterflies, Recondite, Satori and many others. Elements turned the campgrounds into a wonderland including hosting the Air stage within the woods which had a black-lit neon walk through that made the journey as exciting as the destination (you can check out last year's re-cap here!). 

Learning that the BangOn! NYC crew was bringing Elements Lakewood back for their second year brought a well of excitement to my friends as we are very eager to bring with us a whole crew to experience the campgrounds. Magnetic Mag briefly spoke with Elements Lakewood's art director, Julianne Irene, who was very excited to let us know that this year, the festival revamped its art and activities program to create more auditorily, visually and spiritually immersive experience for the campers. 

This year we will continue to focus in our immersive art and wellness programs. We plan to expand on last year's sustainable designs and build permenant structures that coincide with Elements ideal of eco friendly living. There will be more creative performances, art installments, and curated visual programing. Additionally, our wellness program will offer more options and workshops directed towards healthy living. 


Last year alongside the music programming and visually stimulating stage designs and decoration, Elements also had an activities itinerary that outlined various music alternative programming that the attendees can enjoy throughout the day. From theme-camp hosted activities to yoga sessions at the Earth stage, a camper had plenty to do. There was a disco-themed roller rink next to a human foosball table (which was a blast) that was run by a guy who did free body paint. Each step of the way at Elements was filled with adventure and exploration. 

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Lakewood is surrounded by untouched maple and pine groves and a lot of the custom designs are directed in the forest where natural elements meet imagination. We plan to create stumble-upon areas with lighting and décor mapped out and discovered by peculiar chance or way of adventure. These designs lend to wonderland, nostalgia, and over sensory stimulation - all crafted elegantly and with thoughtful intention. Our stage builds are visceral, over-the-top fabrications by talented artist collectives, offering captivating visuals that capture the very brand that is Elements. Additionally, there is an open submission for artists to pitch ideas for curated content. We are always on the lookout for innovative design, large-scale sculpture builds, out-of-this-world installments, unique performance, and a new age blend of art and technology.  

052817 BangON!NYC Lakewood Elements Day 3-1715

BangOn!'s Elements in Brooklyn has always been known for its elaborate and creative execution when it comes to being a music and arts event. So it is no surprise that their festival encourages artists, DJs, performers, and vendors, to apply to be a part of Elements Lakewood Festival. Elements Lakewood also has a wonderful volunteers program that lets you participate in the organization and operations of the festival in exchange for a festival pass. 

The great thing about Elements is there is something for everyone. We will have around the clock music, immersive theater, artistic installments, rock climbing, roller skating, a pirate ship to walk the plank, lakeside swimming, and a lot of hidden surprises coming your way. We use maps, schedules, and signage to let people know about all the happenings going on at Elements. The music lineup, artistic installments, and activities will be listed for easy reference and performers roam the site to remind attendees of all the cool stuff going on.

Elements are well known for their extensive music programming, immersive art activations, and playful activities. Over the past year, we have put a lot of focus into a Wellness initiative and have expanded our network of healers to bring to Lakewood. There will be more programming directed towards healthy living and soulful influences. This includes a full yoga program, sound healing, massage, reiki, open forum workshops, and so much more. 


Safe to say that there is going to be an overwhelming amount of options this coming Memorial Day Weekend for the Northeast music community. Magnetic Mag is really excited about the potential of Elements Lakewood Festival becoming another amazing experience to have so close to home and are looking forward to the first line-up announcements coming this January! If you would like to pitch artistic submissions or volunteer with the art department, please contact!

Grab your tickets and learn more about their cabin options here!

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