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In today's culture of fleeting and disposable music consumption, most artists are eaten up and tossed aside like junk food wrappers. Electronic music is especially guilty of this, with an onslaught of mediocrity over the last six or seven years it's hard to blame music fans for their lack of commitment. With so many copycats and sample pack bandits a foot it's no wonder that we have to suffer through so much diluted and uninspired work to find the true gems. Musical democracy comes with a price, but we wouldn't want it any other way (most of the time anyway). 

Bonobo aka Simon Green is one of those rare gems, with an impressive body of work and a constant evolution of his craft I would dare to say he is one of the greatest electronic musicians of this decade. He is what you might call an OG, emerging from a golden era in electronic music's history when vinyl was the format and turntables the tool of the trade. 

Green cut his teeth on samples and loops, digging for strange and forgotten records to find lost grooves and make them new again. This process gave birth to a definitive Bonobo sound, lush and cinematic vibes that let your emotions come bubbling up like a flute of champagne. As he evolved Bonobo became more than samples and loops, he became a composer weaving in live performances and carefully crafted vocals to his emotive works. He is an artist that is constantly evolving and progressing with every note he records.

2017 has been a banner year for this artist that dropped his first record Animal Magic back in 2000 on Tru Thoughts. Shortly after that release, he was scooped up by Ninja Tune becoming one of the poster children for the label along with artists like Fink, Coldcut, DJ Food, Cinematic Orchestra, and other electronic music legends. 

This year he has earned two Grammy nominations, received critical acclaim for his latest work Migration and been on tour nonstop playing to sold-out audiences around the world. 

Magnetic caught up with Simon for a retrospective interview and musical sampling of some of our favorite cuts over the last 17 years. 

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So without further ado, we would like to formally announce Magnetic Magazine's Artist of the Year for 2017, Bonobo (Simon Green).  

Artist of the Year

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