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With each track he releases gaining him more and more traction, the multi-talented OIJ has just put out another dynamic single in the form of "Elation." 

To hear a little bit more about what makes this talented guy tick, we chatted about his musical backstory and what he has planned for the future, and in return he dropped us a Current Vibes playlist. 

We’ve been following your journey since you emerged onto the dance scene, and your music is always so catchy! What is different about your sound now, from when you first started?

Thanks! I’d say I’m adding more of danceable groove to my music and have got better at sound design and production. The productions are of a higher quality and I want people to move when they watch me perform, instead of just watching and listening.

What are some of the most enjoyable parts of producing new music?

I love evolving and designing new sounds as well as collaborating with other artists, producers and songwriters. The combined energy can be magical when you have those moments where everything falls into place.

Who influences you musically? Do you find you get inspired by lots of different genres and styles?

I am inspired by many different artists, not one artist specifically. For example I am a big fan of certain dark underground dance music like Jon Hopkins, but I also really enjoy listening to Post Malone right now. I’m happy to see Scott Storch producing beats again.

Talk us through your new single "Elation" - how long did it take to write, and what originally inspired it?

I co-wrote the initial song with Tienus, who also co-wrote Kygo’s "Firestone." After that I went into the studio with Chris Mulder to make it more danceable, because Tienus and I wrote melodies with just a piano and a voice. In the end I went into the studio with one of the guys from Cubicilor to get some fresh input and finalise it. I was a little bit inspired by Disclosure on this track for the groove and pop-like hooks.

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How do you like to work in the studio? Any particular rituals you have?

I like to start with the basics of a song - either the melody or a beat, and then finish it from there. Sometimes it can also be a certain sound that triggers creativity, but mostly I start with a beat or a melody.

Which tracks have particularly stood out for you this year?

I don’t really have one track that has stood out, since I like so many different genres. I do like to see that a lot of my friends and people I’ve worked with are releasing great tunes: Cubicolor, Gia Koka, Nambyar, CUT_, Marnix Dorrestein and Maydien.

What are your main focuses going to be in 2018?

I want to increase my amount of releases, continue on the dance music path and occasionally release a nice, pop-style collaboration.

I’m also working on a new live setup which is making me really excited. It’ll have sustainable energy running it and be closer to the vision I initially had in mind for my live shows.

Be sure to give OIJ's Current Vibes playlist a listen below. 

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