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DJ Gear Spotlight - How Denon's Prime Series Can Elevate Your DJ Set

From processing power to onboard beat pads to multiple track output on one player. Denon has changed up the DJ gear game.
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Denon DJ Prime series

When discussing the art of a DJ set, often one's equipment is a hot area of discussion. For some, vinyl is still king. For others, multi-media players are the way, and for some, controllers and hybrid setups are the future. While each has its strengths and weaknesses, there's no doubt that media players reign supreme in the club world. None of this is new information, however, but where does one go from here? What if you could take the benefits of each, put them into a single unit, and be able to perform at the highest levels in any situation. Enter Denon's Prime series. 

Denon DJ Prime Series

When they were first announced at this years NAMM show back in January, many DJs and producers had their doubts, but with a continually growing roster of artists switching their riders to include the Prime setup, it's safe to say buzz on this gear is legit. But what makes them worthy of such praise? Why are they causing such a shakeup? 

The Prime series players take a familiar concept and elevates it to the next level, with forward-thinking features for the modern DJ. Features like being able to play multiple tracks from a single player, desktop computer level processing, and ease of use create an environment that is not only logical but engaging and exciting to use. 

If you've been thinking of changing your rider or stepping up your hardware, let's discuss why you should. First, the layout. At first glance, it will most certainly remind you of another media player, and that's ok. That's one less thing to learn if you're up to date on a standard club setup. While the layout is familiar, there are features you won't find on similar products. 

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Case in point: the beat pads. Want to add a bit of finger drumming to your set? Maybe you want to use some clever beat stuttering effects. Both of these can be done with ease thanks to the eight pads per player. 

Wanting to run multiple deck mixes, but have neither space nor the budget for 3 or 4 players? Thanks to the processing power of each SC5000, you can run two separate tracks from the same player, and this is a massive advantage over competitors. Not only that, but you can see both tracks simultaneously, making your transitions/mixes that much better. And to make all this visual splendor even better, each SC player screen runs at 60fps and is super easy to read in dark environments. 

However, no matter what gear you are using the primary fundamental of DJing is knowing your music. These songs are your friends, your weapons, your most important asset. Staying organized is vital to your performances and sanity. Denon's Engine Prime library software makes this an absolute breeze. 

Are you a user of iTunes or Serato? Engine Prime makes importing your playlists and hot cues a no-brainer, and even allows you to continually update your library via synchronization. Are you an audiophile? The software supports FLAC files, so you are guaranteed that high high-quality output. Worried that your transition to the next DJ could be an audio disaster? The Prime mixer has two separate soundcards, ensuring a beat will never be missed. 

The Prime series from Denon contains everything you'd ever need or want in a DJ setup and more. With their ease of use, innovative features, and mission to preserve the art of the DJ, it's easy to see why the top names in the industry have been switching over.

So head to your local dealer and get your hands on these decks to take a test spin, you'll see immediately what all the hype is about. 

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