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Former Studio 54 Owner Mark Fleischman Tells All In New Book About Famous Club

The stories about what went down at Studio 54 seem to never end.
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Studio 54 lives on in infamy even 30 years after it closed its doors. Just like the drug binges and parties, the stories about what happened in there seem to never end (correlation?). A new book by the club’s former owner Mark Fleischman dives into the party all-night lifestyle that went down at Studio 54 after he took over the club in 1981.

Flieschman re-opened the club after its closed down in 1980 when the previous owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager were sent to jail for tax evasion. The book has stories of celebrities coming through those famed doors doing mounds of drugs, dancing and all sorts of other salacious activities. If you want something to unwind with essentially written reality TV that is too explicit for that, then this is for you. Pick it up on Amazon here.

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