Hip-Hop Dominates 60 Grammy Nominations

This year, hip-hop artists have dominated the list.
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The Album of the Year is the ultimate award given at the Grammys. This year, hip-hop artists have dominated the list. In the last few years, big artists like Mumford and Sons, Daft Punk and Adele, took home the highest honours.

Can hip hop win? Could this year be the change we are all waiting for? If you’re confident that your pick will win, why not take advantage of some of the special promotions being offered by betting sites for the winner of the Grammys, as well as other promotions being offered such as Caesars casino bonus codes.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the nominees this year and their chances of winning.

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

This album is one of the biggest albums released this year. This is the rapper’s second No. 1 album that also gave him his first No. 1 single, Humble. There were 8 other songs on the album that made it to the top 40. This is Lamar’s 4 nomination for the Album of the Year. Could he finally snatch the top plum this time?

Bruno Mars - 24k Magic

This album is perhaps the biggest contender considering the huge star behind it. This album was another massive success for Bruno Mars who has produced several successful albums in the past. Although it did not reach the No. 1 spot this time, there were chart-topping songs on the album, including That’s What I Like. This is Bruno Mars’ 3 Album of the Year nomination and he has recently won as a producer of Adele’s 25 for the song, All I Ask.

Jay-Z - 4:44

Leading the pack of contenders is Jay-Z with his album. Although it was good, and it produced some successes, it still came as a surprise that it did not perform quite as great as the previous albums he has released. The record only had a pair of top 40 songs and it did not really create a strong impact in the pop culture conversation. Should he win, he could avenge Beyonce’s loss last year, which everyone thought was a sure fire victory, including the eventual winner herself, Adele.

Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love

No one would have thought this album would be nominated for the top award. Some were even saying that Ed Sheeran’s spot was stolen by this album. For others, this was recognition that has long been delayed. He is one of the most talented people in the industry and it is time for his talent to be recognised. His style is drastically different from the others and he is a multi-dimensional artist. His album is a combination of R&B, Funk and Psychedelic Funk.

Can hip-hop win?

The nominees for this year’s Grammys prove that the R&B and hip-hop culture have dominated the industry. There is no assurance though that these nominees could actually end up winning. Jay-Z led with 8 nods and Kendrick Lamar got 5, both of them vying for the Album of the Year. Last year, hip-hop artists also dominated the nominations with Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Drake with several nominations each. However, only OutKast in 2004 and Lauryn Hill in 1999, as hip-hop artists, have ever won Album of the Year. No hip-hop song has won record or song of the year.

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