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Honey Dijon, Lee Burridge, Behrouz & 8 Other DJs Share Their NYE Resolutions and Hangover Cures

As NYE approaches rapidly, some of Magnetic Mag's favorite artists tell us what their NYE resolutions are as well as the best Hangover Cures for that following New Year's Day!

As 2017 comes to end in less than a few days, everyone starts their annual ritual of prepping their New Year's Eve resolution and their livers for the ultimate New Year's Day hangover. Beaten and battered by yet another 365 days, Magnetic Mag is here to remind everyone we are not alone. This weekend, New York City is going to be awash with many New Year's Eve events and we had some of the best acts to catch this weekend give us their New Year's resolutions as well as their best hangover cures for the day after. You can catch, Behrouz, Dance Spirit, Dory, Honey Dijon, Lee Burridge, Eagles and Butterflies, M.A.N.D.Y.Mayssam, Return + Patrischa, Steve Bug and Thugfucker at Cityfox's New Year's Eve party this weekend!



New Year's Resolution: Focus on building my brand Do Not Sit On The Furniture and label Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings and taking them to the next level. Also interacting more with positive energy people and spreading love through my music!

Best Hangover Cure: A good session in the steam room and a bloody mary.

Dance Spirit A.K.A. Christopher Mohn & Reagen Denius


CM's New Year's Resolution: My New Year’s resolution is to love more, do more and be more. 2017 was a year of new beginnings and 2018 will be a year to keep building art, music, and living up to the highest potentials of my positive self. There are a lot of people lost, hurting, and depressed right now, and the world needs love, NOW. When you can step outside of your survival emotions and retain inner peace, the world and its problems can lead you to compassion instead of anger. You realize that people are dealing with a lot of hurt and pain and the ability to recognize and act becomes easy, almost like picking up trash. Once you pick up one piece off the ground you realize it is everywhere, and the ability to give love becomes limitless.

CM's Best Hangover Cure:  Not drinking. (not very rockstar I know)

RD's New Year's Resolution: My New Year’s resolution is to spread love wherever I can, and be the best person I possibly can, and strive to be better than the last day, every day, and encourage everyone I meet to be the best version of themselves as well. And spread love like a wildfire, in the collective heart of humanity. Also convince Elon Musk to create teleportation, wormhole technology, and blanket the earth with Wi-Fi.

RD's Best Hangover Cure: Binge watching Rick & Morty with a nice fat joint. Wubbalubbadubdub!



New Year's Resolution: More calm, more focus

Best Hangover Cure: The best hangover cure for me is always a homemade bowl of noodle soup, made with good quality beef chuck and loaded with chiles, Sichuan peppercorns, and other aromatics. You can throw everything into the slow cooker (add the noodles later) to simplify things. It's head-clearing and gets the endorphins going as well. Depending on how much you eat, you may need a nap afterward, but that helps the hangover too!

Eagles and Butterflies


New Year's Resolution: More synths 

Best Hangover Cure: Sleep till Easter

Honey Dijon


New Year's Resolution: My resolution is not to have one, other than more sex and rock n roll!

Best Hangover Cure: Don’t get fucked up! Simple as that! Now take your ass out there and dance and smile at a stranger!

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Lee Burridge


New Year's Resolution: I’m super into cooking at home right now. My New Year’s resolution is to master (at least) one new dish a month.

Best Hangover Cure: Don’t drink the night before.



New Year's Resolution: Eat, drink, sleep, brush the teeth. Going out more. Spend more time with friends and families. Making America great again. Spread more love. Spread less money. Think twice. Don’t think too much. Enjoy the moment. Make fewer resolutions!

Best Hangover Cure: "In five minutes time: Double Espresso with fresh lemon juice and two Aspirin inside / In two hours time: Coconut water, cacao beans, spirella + chlorella, banana, cashew nuts and the special-hangover-cure-pills by Morgan Lang, NYC. Plus the Double Espresso with lemon-juice and Aspirin inside."



New Year's Resolution: Spend more time in the studio and finish all uncompleted projects.

Best Hangover Cure: A Bloody Mary and a hot bath.

Return + Patrischa


New Year's Resolution: Have a couple of NY resolutions and will forget about them on day 2, but since you probably cannot use them I say give up cigarettes. 

Best Hangover Cure: Ramen soup.

Steve Bug

SteveBug-027bw by Marie Staggat

New Year's Resolution: Don't change a thing.

Best Hangover Cure: Electrolytes, vitamins, fresh air, and exercise.



New Year's Resolution: Drink less tequila.

Best Hangover Cure: Tequila!

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