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In The Know: Weekly Music News Summary December 29, 2017

SoStereo's weekly music news and advertising round-up.
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Apple Apologizes For Slowing Down Old iPhones:

Apple is sitting in the mess they have made with old iPhones. The company revealed that they are slowing down old iPhones on purpose, without expressly notifying the users or giving them an option to stop it, to save battery life. This led to widespread outrage and even a few lawsuits. The company has apologized and is now trying to make amends by saying it will sell new batteries at a discounted price. This on top of slower than expected iPhone X sales this holiday season has made for a rough patch at the company.

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US court rules in favor of Fractional Licensing:

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the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled against the department of Justice in a massive decision for songwriters everywhere. The DOJ had wished to get rid of the practice of “fractional licensing,” which allows a writer or co-owner of a song to only license the part of a song they own. The DOJ wanted to implement 100% licensing, which would have allowed anyone who had any amount of ownership of a song to license the full song without permission of any other party. Songwriters and PROs lambasted 100% licensing.

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Instagram Adding Recommended Photos To You Stream:

As if your Instagram feed wasn’t confusing enough, Instagram is adding another element to that equation. According to a report from Techcrunch, the photo sharing service is adding a “recommended for you” section in your feed with five suggested posts. This is the biggest change since it moved from a chronological to an algorithmic one, which has left many users complaining about seeing three or four days old posts and missing the ones from an hour ago. We will see if new change this well received or not. 

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